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Sep 17 2021

How to Design Graphics When you Suck at Graphic Design

I am not a designer. I use Canva because it’s the best tool to Design Graphics When you Suck at Graphic Design. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. Try it out here for free.

Sep 17 2021

How to build a Sales Funnel In DropFunnels + Create a LEAD PAGE and THANK YOU PAGE

A sales funnel, is a consumer-focused marketing tool that illustrates the theoretical customer journey toward the purchase of a good or service. It’s really just a new term for sales process but designed for the online sales world. Sales funnels generate 100,000s of million of dollars in sales every year. They are the fastest and…

Sep 16 2021

How to Create a Lead Generation Quiz using DropFunnels

Check out the Lead Quiz in action here: Get a DropFunnels Trial and try creating your own quiz. Use this link to import this quiz

Sep 16 2021

DropFunnels 2.0 Interface Demo and Review

In this video I review the new DropFunnels 2.0 Interface upgrade. New Interface, New Templates and New Clean Design. You can get your own trial of DropFunnels here through my affiliate link.

Sep 7 2021

How to find the Most Profitable Evergreen Niches

When selecting a niche for a product you want to promote, you want to find one that is Evergreen. What is an Evergreen Niche? An Evergreen Niche is a market that is always relevant-much like the way evergreen trees retain their leaves all year round, an evergreen niche is a market that is relevant and…

Sep 7 2021

The Best Email Marketing Platforms

Email is not dead, No way! In fact, it’s gotten way better… I did a poll on Facebook and here are some peoples responses to which email marketing platform they use for their business. Here is the list of each of them, with links to each program followed by a more detail list and description.…