Trademarked Terms You Can't Use as A ClickFunnels Affiliate in paid ads

If you are ClickFunnels affiliate that uses Paid Ads, did you know there’s certain trademark terms and words that you’re not allowed to use?

If an average internet visitor can’t tell between your funnel and a ClickFunnels official one, then it needs to be changed.

That means it must be stated that you are an affiliate, and not use third party trademarks (ours and others).

Bidding on the following ClickFunnels trademarked terms will be immediate grounds for removal from the affiliate program so make sure you don’t even think about using these.

Pretending to be ClickFunnels official by bidding on trademarked terms or designing funnels that exactly replicate is against their affiliate terms and conditions.

Current trademarks that cannot be used

Here are the current ClickFunnels trademarks that cannot be used in paid advertising bids on Google and similar platforms.

  1. Software Secrets
  2. One Funnel Away Challenge
  3. ​Marketing Secrets
  4. ​One Funnel Away
  5. ​Actionetics MD
  6. ​Two Comma Club
  7. ​ClickFunnels Design Mark
  8. ​Funnel Hack-a-thon
  9. ​FunnelHacking
  10. ​ClickFunnels
  11. ​Perfect Webinar
  12. ​Actionetics MD
  13. ​DotComSecrets
  14. ​SuccessEtc
  15. ​Traffic Secrets
  16. ​Expert Secrets
  17. ​Network Marketing Secrets
  18. ​30days
  19. ​Freelancer Secrets
  20. ​Funnel Swag
  21. ​Funnel Builder Secrets
  22. ​Funnelhacker TV
  23. ​Funnel Hacker Radio
  24. ​Funnel University
  25. ​Funnel Hacking Live

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