The Future of Learning

I’ve lost faith in the education system.

So much so that we’re not enrolling our kids into public or private school and opting for a whole new model for educating our kids at home.

Look at these crazy stats.

  • In a 2012 analysis of student performance, the U.S. placed 27th out of 34 countries in math performance and 20th in science performance.
  • 60% of all U.S. fourth graders scored “below proficient” when it comes to reading
  • Every year 1.2 million kids drop out of school. That’s 1 every 26 seconds or 7000 per day

What kids say about school


All humor aside, it’s common knowledge that kids don’t like school. The “going-back-to-school” narrative is very rarely seen or heard in a positive light.

It’s ho hum… back to class we go.

Ask any schoolchild why they don’t like school and they’ll tell you. “School is prison.”


Sounds harsh but it has validity.

The only difference that I can see is that you need to break the law to go to prison. For school, all you have to do is turn 5 and you are forced to go to school just because of your age.

In prison as in school,  you are stripped of your freedom and dignity, told exactly what you must do, and you are punished if you fail to comply. In fact, in school you must spend more time doing exactly what you are told to do than is a real adult prisons.

In school kids are told they must stop following their personal interests and instead follow the governments curriculum and simply just do just what the teacher is telling them to do.

No wonder kids don’t like school.

It’s just not working

Today’s education system is designed with one major flaw.

That flaw is that it is forces the kids to adapt to a really complex bureaucracy when it should be the other way around.

Kids love to learn but somewhere along the way for a huge majority of kids learning = school = boring & not fun.

It’s the system that should be adapting to them.

I found this video that sums up thinking I have had since I was a kid and it really points to the future of learning and what is needed to create the true self aware, empathetic, creative leaders of tomorrow.

Some of the ideas and concepts are revolutionary and a breath of fresh air.

This needs to be viewed by every parent, teacher and student.

Please share it. It’s worth your time and if you disagree, comment below.



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