Should you go to college? Elon Musk’s Response

Video Transcript

00:00 there's no need even to have a college
00:02 degree
00:03 at all or even high school the
00:06 um i mean if somebody graduated from a
00:09 great university that may be
00:10 indeed that may be an indication that
00:12 they will be capable of
00:13 great things but it's not necessarily
00:15 the case
00:17 you know if you look at say people like
00:20 bill gates or larry ellison steve jobs
00:24 these guys didn't graduate from college
00:26 but if you had a chance to hire them of
00:27 course that would be
00:29 a good idea so
00:32 you know just looking just for evidence
00:35 of exceptional ability and if there's a
00:37 track record of
00:38 exceptional achievement then it's likely
00:40 that that will continue into the future

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