Psst… Have you heard of Instagress Instagram automation?

Instagram Automation can sometimes get a bad rap and with good reason.

People hate bots and spam.

Too much of it can have the exact opposite effect you want and can even get your account shut down.

auto DMs are bad

Authenticity is super important online and automation can kill it very quickly.

Don’t get me wrong, automation isn’t totally bad. Like most things in life, it should be used in moderation and that certainly applies to Instagress.

Many people disagree with me. You can read why here, here, here and here.

Getting a huge number of Instagram followers takes a ton of work.

It takes consistent content creation, posting, liking, responding and following of other accounts to grow your audience.

If you’ve ever wondered how some businesses and celebrities have millions of followers, here’s the secret.

They have entire social media teams dedicated to managing all of their accounts. We do this for our clients at Marketing Stream because like most business owners and celebrities, they are busy doing other things.

Social media team

You could hire a team to do it, or spend every spare moment you have on Instagram (which lots of people do), but for people that are managing multiple websites & social accounts and just have a lot of other commitments, automation can help support your manual work.

I said support because you don’t want your account to just be a bot. People will figure it out and it won’t be good. You want to use automation to support what you are doing on Instagram, not replace you.

What is Instagress?


Instagress is a Instagram automation tool for likes, comments, following & unfollowing.

The main purpose behind Instagress is an automation tool that mimics a person’s natural behavior.

It’s like creating a small robot clone of yourself with the same interests and style, and then letting it work for you on Instagram.

Why do I like Instagress?

I love simplicity and Instagress is simple to figure out and easy to use. Once you set it, you can forget it and only come back to it once a week to see how things are progressing.

How you should be using Instagress


Instagress has security and safety tips to help you use the system correctly so you don’t get blocked or worse, your account shut down.

The main reason accounts get blocked by instagram are when user don’t follow these guidelines.

Here are the main guidelines you should follow.

1) Maintain an active Instagram account – Don’t start using Instagress until you have an account with a profile picture, bio, and at least 15 posted photos and/or videos. In other words, it’s important that your Instagram account doesn’t look fake or spammy.

2) Enable notifications from Instagram – Make sure  you’re using a current email with Instagram so you’ll get email notifications on your account status.

3) Recommended Instagress Actions – Don’t use all the actions simultaneously when starting out. Instagress allows you to like, comment, follow and unfollow. Startout with just the Likes function only.

4) Recommended SpeedGo Slow! Start out using Instagress on Slow mode to ensure your account is safe and doesn’t get blocked.

5) Scheduling your Activity – Use the Schedule to randomize your activity so you look like a human and not a bot. Start out scheduling up to 6 hours of activity a day and then gradually increase it over over time. Randomize the times each day so your activity looks as natural as possible.

6) Be careful when using CommentsIf you choose to use comments, follow this recommendation carefully.

I don’t use the comments because for me the risk of looking like a bot is very high. I like my comments to be real and authentic not just basic; “Awesome”, “Great pic”, “cool”. People can see right through this and it’s not good.

If you do choose to use it, use a variety of creative and short comments. Aim for 4-5 words maximum. You can also add emojis which is probably safer than random comments. Use more than 10 comments and don’t be spammy with your comments. Don’t include any urls or phrases like “check my profile” or any other advertising information. That will get you blocked.

Important use warnings – Don’t use Instagram on any of your devices while Instagress is running. Don’t use other Instagram automation services while Instagress is running. This can cause your account to be temporarily or permanently blocked.

Why and How you shouldn’t use Instagress

Like I mentioned in the beginning of this post, Authenticity is super important online and automation can kill it very quickly.

You want followers, but you also want to build a community of people inspiring and supporting you and people you can ultimately connect with.

Over using every feature and automating your entire account will likely get you blocked and have your audience running for the hills.

Don’t do it.

I can’t stress enough that you need to follow the safety guidelines or risk losing all of the work you’ve done.

Use automation in small doses only to supplement your active manual instagram marketing.

In Summary

I hate spam and bots can sure piss me off.

The key with automation is to use it in a way that doesn’t look like you are using automation at all.

I don’t use Instagress a lot but I have used it to help increase my engagement and it has helped give my accounts a little boost.

Try to use it a little in the start. Don’t leave it turned on 24/7, use the Schedule feature to automate it only during 3-5 hours in a day and try to make your activity as real as possible.

What’s your experience with automation or Instagress?

Do you agree or disagree with using these types of tools?

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  1. […] wrote about the security and safety tips you need to follow to help you use the automation correctly so you don’t get blocked or worse, your account shut […]

  2. […] wrote about the security and safety tips you need to follow to help you use the automation correctly so you don’t get blocked or worse, your account shut […]

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