MassPlanner, Instagress, Instaplus and more, all shut down by Instagram. Now What?

Many of the top social media automation tools have now been shutdown & banned by Instagram.

This is another sign of things to come in the world of social media automation. This is no longer viable tactic and I’d stop relying on tools for auto liking, auto-following, and more human simulation.

Only marketers liked this automation.

Regular users either didn’t know it went on and those that did were getting annoyed by it. What is the point if the network just becomes and bot to bot platform? Zero value and I think this is why Instagram decided to shut down these sites.

I think it’s a good thing in the long run.

It means that Instagram wants its users to focus on real human connections. It means that users that want to grow big audiences will need to do this by creating epic content, using targeted hashtags, powerliking, and building and working with engagement groups.

These time-consuming tactics will be more important now than ever before and you now have only a few options when it comes to executing them.

Do it yourself, outsource it or find other tools that still may be working. Check here.

Here are just a few basic tips to grow your Instagram account.

1) Post consistently between 2-6 posts a day of 60% curated content & 40% of your original content focused on your goals strategy

2) Research and use hashtags; test them to see which ones work best and rotate them throughout the day and week. Focalmark is a great Instagram hashtag research tool. It makes posting and getting exposure for the pictures you take way easier.

3) Engagement pods via telegram (Xplor group), start your own via DM (find 15 people same niche and size) like and comment on each other’s posts & create a shoutout schedule too with others.

4) Hire a someone to manage your Instagram for you. You can hire VA off to like and comment on your target market account photos. You can also hire an agency that specializes in Instagram and they can help you build your audience for you

Summing it up

It is now harder than ever to grow an Instagram following without automation but, the quality of content and engagement should increase.

Just be active and consistent and committed! The little things you do that seem to make no difference at all when doing them can add up to big results.

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  1. Cameron Kinney on May 24, 2017 at 12:22 pm

    WOW! Bots and being shut down left and right! Kinda scary to use right now. I was told to try as an alternative. Anyone else has experience with them?

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