Make Passive Income with these 20+ Clickfunnels products

Today I’m gonna show you 25 different ways you can make money using the Clickfunnels program.

Check out the video below.

What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels are online sales funnels that can turn traffic into leads and leads into paying customers for all kinds of products and services.

Here’s a diagram to show you a simple product sales funnel.

An online sales funnel is usually made up of a lead capture page with a video or text and a form to capture an email. Then a sales page to pitch the product and some follow up email scripts to move leads through the buying process.

This is a simplification of the process but you get the idea.

It’s a great marketing tool and they have sold over 55,000 subscriptions because it works and ClickFunnels customers are making millions with it.

It simplifies the design process for creating sales funnels that include sales pages, landing pages, and integrations for things like email sequence campaigns and process automation.

Basically, it helps you manage your entire sales funnel.

There are seven types of sales funnels you can create Clickfunnels:

  1. The Optin Lead Capture Funnel
  2. The Sales Funnel
  3. The Webinar Funnel
  4. The AutoWebinar Funnel
  5. The Membership Funnel
  6. The Launch Funnel
  7. The Custom Funnel

You can create all kinds of custom funnels too, but these 7 are the most appropriate for online marketers.

Create Sales Funnels for all kinds of uses

As Russell  always says; “Whatever you’re selling; there is a ClickFunnel that can sell it better.

ClickFunnels can be used to sell books, physical products like supplements, health products, electronics, tools and digital products like ebooks and software and so much more.

You get 100’s of purpose-built sales funnel templates that help you build them out in minutes.

Clickfunnels comes loaded with lots of templates for sales pages, landing pages, member pages, squeeze pages and more.

All the templates are editable which means you have full control on everything ranging from a background, to font size, to containers, data fields and more.

The ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

The affiliate program is similar to most SaaS affiliate programs. You promote the product and they pay you a commission on the recurring revenue they get for the life of that customer.

With ClickFunnels, the commission is 40%.

The least expensive ClickFunnels plan is $97 a month. On this plan, users get access to all the funnel creation tools, for creating 20 funnels, 100 pages and for 20,000 visitors.

The next level up is $297 a month and includes a whole bunch of additional features including Actionetics and Backpack. You also get unlimited funnels, pages, and visitors.

In real dollars as an affiliate, that works out to $38 per month on the $97 plan and $118 per month on a $297 plan.

That’s some serious passive income from even just one client and that’s not all.

As an affiliate, you can also promote all of Russell Brunson’s books and training and there are quite a few.

Here are all of the products you can earn a commission on for referring customers.

These are all setup as sales funnels too so the sub-points below are all of the products included in the sales funnel that will be promoted to the leads that convert on the offers. There are so many ways to make money.

ClickFunnels Startup software – Commission: $38.50 per month

  • ClickFunnels Advanced software – Commission: $38.50 per month

Dot Com Secrets (Free Book) – commission: $1.00

  • The Black Box –  commission: $14.80
  • 3 Funnel Bundle –  commission: $14.80
  • Traffic Secrets –  commission: $118.80

Expert Secrets (Free Book) – commission: $1.00

  • Blackbox Book Bundle –  commission: $14.80
  • Expert Evolution –  commission: $78.70
  • Funnel Builder Secrets –  commission: $798.80

DCS 108 Split tests (Free Book)

  • Instant Traffic Hacks –  commission: $78.70
  • Perfect Webinar Secrets –  commission: $118.80

Funnelhacker Cookbook (Free Book) – commission: $1.00

  • The Black Box –  commission: $14.80
  • Funnel Immersion –  commission: $118.80
  • Funnel Builder Secrets –  commission: $798.80

Funnel Scripts –  commission: $198.80

Marketing in your car –  commission: $138.60

  • FunnelU Monthly –  commission: $26.80 per month
  • Funnel Immersion –  commission: $118.80

Perfect Webinar Secrets

  • Perfect Webinar Slides (PPT & Keynote) – commissions: $18.80
  • Perfect Webinar Secrets Training – commissions $118.80

Software Secrets (Free Book)

  • 501 Software Ideas Generator – commissions: $6.80
  • Software Secrets Book – commissions: $6.80
  • Software Secrets Course – commissions: $798.80

As you can see, you don’t need products to make a ton of money, Just promote these products and start earning money faster.

Sticky Cookies

One of the best parts about the ClickFunnels Affiliate program is that they use sticky cookies.

What this means is that if a person visits the Dot Com Secrets landing page and doesn’t buy, the ClickFunnels cookie is recorded on the visitor’s computer and if they return to the same product or any of the others, you will still get the commission because of the sticky cookie.

What you can learn in ClickFunnels Affiliate Boot Camp

The best thing I learned through the boot camp, by reading Russell’s books and taking his training is that strategy is more important than tactics.

I have watched all of his videos in this free boot camp and there is so much great stuff in here. Much of what you learn in the affiliate Bootcamp comes from the products listed above.

The training course is worth over $997 and it will train you on how to do affiliate marketing and actually make a living from it.

The affiliate marketing Bootcamp is full of some of the best online marketing strategy and tactics that you can use to sell ClickFunnels but also use for any other online marketing projects you have in your head.

Here’s a sneak peek at the boot camp course website. You can see on the left the 100 days worth of modules all free for you to learn, not just about the Click Funnels program but also about affiliate marketing in general.

You can use the knowledge you gain here for free to help you grow this and many other online business projects you can imagine.

ClickFunnels Super Affiliates

The power in affiliate marketing comes when you become a Super Affiliate.

A Super Affiliate is an affiliate that builds and grows a team of other affiliates that want to sell the ClickFunnels product.

It can super-charge your income as your team grows because as a super affiliate you also get compensated on the sales that the affiliates you brought in make.

I’m a proud ClickFunnels Supper Affiliate and would love if you joined my ClickFunnels team and help each other build sustainable online businesses.

ClickFunnels Dream Car ProgramClickFunnel also has a bonus for Super Affiliates that can reach their goal in 100 days.

If you want to learn more about the dream car bonus, click here.

I hope you have found this post helpful and again, if you are ready to learn what it takes to make money online, seriously consider joining this great community.

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