Kaelin the Funnel Hacking, Weight Loss Lady Boss

In 2007, Kaelin’s dad passed away.

In her grief, she developed a food addiction and her life started spiraling out of control.

She gained a ton of weight and ended up being 180 pounds at 5’2”.

She realized she needed to get control back.

She committed herself to lose the weight and get healthy.

It took her a long time to do the research and figure out what worked.

But once she figured it out she became obsessed with working out and eating healthy.

But she realized it wasn’t the fitness itself that motivated her.

She remembers what it’s like for women who don’t know where to start or what to do on their journey to lose weight and take back their life.

Today, she is on a mission to help women lose weight and love themselves again.

Kaelin learned how to do the Perfect Webinar from Expert Secrets.

She did the webinar over and over again every week for a year.

Her business exploded from zero to over 50,000+ women who’ve enrolled in the program.

If you want success like Kaelin, get Russel’s book for free today.

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