Justin the Funnel Hacking, House Flipping Expert

Justin didn’t have a smooth start in the real estate business.

He racked up a bunch of personal debt and could only afford to live in a small house with friends and family.

After years of struggling, he finally learned how to flip houses without using his own money.

By 2012, he flipped over a hundred houses. He created the systems and processes that allowed the business to work for him instead of him working for the business.

But after reaching what seemed to be the high point of his career, he sensed that something was missing. He had to do something more. He wanted to share the things he had learned with other people.

He thought that others would be excited to learn about his business system since it was so life-changing for him. But after a year he wanted to quit.

Even though he was working 60 hours a week to bring this message to people… it seemed like nobody cared. It felt like he just created another job for himself.

But everything turned around when he met Russell Brunson. Russell taught him the strategies he needed to share his message.

Before, Justin thought that it was his fault that no one cared about his message. But Russell showed him that people were eager to hear his message; he just didn’t know how to share it.

Within just a few short months of being coached by Russell Brunson, his coaching business took off. He now has several hundred people in his $2,000 coaching program.

He’s changing people’s lives by showing them how to flip houses. He also has over 40 people in his high-end $25,000 program and his enrollments are growing every day.

All the strategies and tools he learned from Russell are found in the Expert Secrets book. 

If you want to learn the same strategies that got Justin to where he is today, get Russell’s book Expert Secrets today for free and learn how.

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