Is PEN & PAPER better for capturing streams of thought?

Last weekend I had an epiphany about the Entrepreneur Accelerator program.

I reached for a pad of paper and a Sharpie marker and started writing.

I didn’t stop for almost 2 hours.

My stream of thought just started to flow.

Something clicked and it all just started to come out and onto the page.

It’s a pretty cool feeling and even better when I’ve been feeling stuck recently.

It was like all of a sudden the floodgates opened and fresh solutions to the problems I’ve been having just started to appear.

Another interesting observation I had was the difference of using pen and paper versus writing ideas into a computer.

I’ve never been able to sustain this flow of ideas while having to type them into a computer.

Because of how effective this is I’m now carrying this pad with me everywhere because capturing my thoughts and ideas in this way seems to produce the best ideas.

Is Analog is better?

What are your thoughts on analog vs digital when it comes to capturing streams of thought?

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