How to test which Gmail tab your emails are showing up in.

Build your list, send emails, Build your list, send emails, repeat…

This is how you become successful in online business.

There is a saying the successful direct response marketers say that new people should really pay attention too…

That saying is “Amatures focus on the front end.”

What this means is that too many new marketers try to sell on the first intial contact. This happens but is not the norm. The real money is in the follow up.

That’s why email marketing is still one of the best channels.

Build your list, send emails…

You need to learn and you can only learn by doing.

Build your list with Solo Ads and then send emails to see what is or isn’t working.

Learn what affects your open rates and click through rates.

If your open rates are bad, work on your subject lines.

It could be you are going to the spam folder, Social Folder, Promotions or Updates.

Each of these tabs is treated different and gets a different level of attention and focus from the email reader.

Here are two tools to help you to see where your email will end up in Gmail.

2) Litmus Gmail Tabs

Which Gmail tab will your email appear under?

All you have to do it send a copy of your email to the address they provide and within seconds they show you where your users will read it.

It’s a very simple interface and a great step before you hit that send button on your campaigns.

Knowledge is power and one simple tweak can significantly increase your open rates.

Try the Gmail Tabs app out now

2) GlockApps Spam Testing App

GlockApps is spam testing software that allows you to test and optimize your emails before you send them to your list.

This allows you to identify and fix issues keeping you from showing up in the Primary inbox.

Get Inbox Placement Insight and see in real-time where your marketing email ends up: Inbox, Spam, or Updates.

It can save you time and money by helping you track and fix possible deliverability issues before you send.

Try GlockApps Now

In Closing

Email marketing is still one of the best ways to build and online business. You just have to keep learning and working at it. It requires copywriting skills and great stories.

You also have to know how to build and list and manager the tech behind your campaigns.

I use Active Campaign for my email marketing. I’ve built long automated email drip sequence campaigns and have had great success.

If you struggle with copy writing, I recommend you check out Funnel Scripts. This tool will not only write copy for you, you will learn how to write copy that sells so much faster.

Remember to always build your list, send emails, build you list and send emails!

Keep growing your list and keep sending them emails.


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