How to setup a Squeeze Page Sales Funnel

A Squeeze Page Funnel uses curiosity to generate leads with a simple two-page sales funnel.

The goal of a squeeze page is to get your visitor to give you their email address.

Distraction Free Landing page

These pages have very few other distractions as you can see on the right in this example.

Often times, there is not even a logo on the page or any complicated footers or extra links that can distract your visitor to do or go somewhere else rather than your desired action of them providing you with their email address.

Curiosity Based Headline

The #1 secret to get the highest conversion rate on a squeeze page is to use a curiosity-based headline.

Then they have to put in their email address and click “submit” to figure out the answer to the question.

The greater the curiosity your headline stirs for your visitor, the more likely they are to give you their email address.

Great for new audiences

Squeeze pages, are great when you are going after a new audience so you don’t need to use a lot of branding.

They usually don’t know you yet so it’s not about brand recognition here.

Focusing on curiosity to get them to opt-in is the goal.

Actionable Thank You page

A clean actionable Thank You page for next steps for your new subscriber.

Here you can start introducing your branding, other content, videos, etc.

Squeeze Page Funnel Process Map

Here is what the high-level process map looks like for a Squeeze page funnel.

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