How To Make Your First Affiliate Commission With ClickFunnels

I’ve been at this for a year now working VERY part-time on my goal. 

I’ve learned so much from some of the top ClickFunnels affiliates and I’m so grateful to these generous entrepreneurs and the entire ClickFunnels community. 

I have 3 kids and run a consulting company. With minimal time investment, I’ve managed to reach 5 figures in Clickfunnels commissions and I’m on my way to reach 6 figures soon.

I try to keep telling myself: You’re either winning or you’re learning…

Because there’s definitely A LOT of learning that goes on.

That being said, You can do this. 

You need to believe in yourself and follow the process. 

Many people before you have been in the exact place you are and have gone on to achieve great success. 

You can too. 

I know where you’re at right now. 

Starting something new, hoping with fingers crossed that this is the opportunity that is going to work.

The hardest thing about this for most of you is probably figuring out how to make that first affiliate commission.

Clickfunnels is not cheap. 

It’s $97 per month which looks expensive but this is where the power is as an affiliate. 

The KEY I have found is that if you want to build a passive sustainable income as an affiliate, you need to help your new referrals earn their first commission if they are going to stick with using ClickFunnels long term.

Step 1 – Create your own “Irresistible Offer”

You want people to buy through your link so you need to create an offer that has a lot of value.

This can sometimes be hard to figure out what kind of offer to put together.

It can be even harder to find the time and money to create all of these offer bonuses.

But luckily for you, you started your ClickFunnels 14-day free trial through my link, right?

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With BONUS RIGHTS, you can now include all these in YOUR OWN offer bonus bundle to provide the same great value to your prospects.

These are the assets that you’re going to leverage to get your first affiliate commission.

Step 2 – Getting people to See your offer

How do we get people to see this great offer WITHOUT using SEO, Adwords, Solo Ads, Instagram Pinterest, Twitter, LInkedin or Youtube?

These are all potentially great sources of traffic but for starters, let’s focus on how to get that quick win so you can start paying for your ClickFunnels account with commissions.

The Free Facebook Traffic Method for Affiliate Marketing

This approach to getting traffic to your offer is completely free and all you have to do it put in the work and you can achieve the results you want.

Become a ClickFunnels Pro 

If you are going to promote Clickfunnels, it’s very important that you familiarize yourself with the application, what it does, how it works and the general pros and cons most members are facing. 

If you skip this, it’s much harder to be a Clickfunnels affiliate.

The best way to learn Clickfunnels is to build some funnels. Try out the share funnels you get in the sales funnel library. Build some from nothing and really get to know how Clickfunnels works and the value it provides.

Choose one to build out and study each day. You don’t need to publish your funnel and don’t worry about making it perfect..

Focus on figuring out how everything works.

Step 2 – Optimize Your Facebook Profile for Lead Generation

Create Facebook Group that teaches a specific target AUDIENCE how to get something they DESIRE. “

Fill in these blanks: I will teach [AUDIENCE] how to [DESIRE] using [SKILLS]

Use Canva to create a nice cover photo for the group that has the skill/desire in the name.

Then on your personal Facebook Profile, add a link to the group and then create a custom cover photo that has a Call To Action(CTA) in it.

Use Canva again and write something like: “Want to Learn [TOPIC]? Join my free Facebook group, [GROUP NAME]. Make sure it’s centered in the middle so it looks good on desktop and mobile(make sure you test).

When people visit your profile they will have a call to action to join your group immediately. You can see an example on my profile. 

When all this is setup, it’s time to start operating your business and doing the daily tasks and activities to grow your leads and group.

Step 3 – Facebook Group OutReach

WHO is buying and where are they hanging out online?

People that buy ClickFunnels include; Entrepreneurs, Agency / Freelancer, Information Products, E-Commerce, Coaching / Consulting, Network Marketing, Local Small Business, B2B Lead Generation, Blogging / Affiliate, Non-Profits and more.

All of these markets have submarkets where you can find a niche to focus. 

Pick a target customer and then go find those people in other Facebook groups.

For example, if your audience is affiliate marketers, search for and join Affiliate Marketing groups. 

If your target audience is stay-at-home dads, join stay-at-home dad groups. If, realtors, than real estate groups, etc. You get the idea. 

“Niche down” as they say…

When you find these groups, DON’T start link spamming. Your goal is to be seen as a valuable member of the group. That means you need to be helpful.

The more time you dedicate to this task, the faster you will build your business.

Dedicate 30 minutes to 1 hour every day, engaging in these targeted groups, asking and answering questions and leaving VALUABLE, HELPFUL comments.

I’ll say it again…. BE HELPFUL and PROVIDE HUGE VALUE for nothing…

Over time, you will build up a reputation in the group as person people pay attention and value your opinion. You will start to get more friend requests, and people will start asking you for help.

Be authentic, empathetic and the money will follow… Don’t treat them like a payday rather treat them as a human being on a similar journey to financial freedom

The main goal is to establish a rapport with the people you’re serving, learn where they are on their journey and see where you can help.

Ask them if they are using Clickfunnels?

Ask if ClickFunnels be a good fit for what they’re trying to do? (ie. they’re trying to sell their own product or service, or they’re an affiliate marketer)

Ask if they are they looking for some training on how to better use ClickFunnels?

After you have built rapport and you have their attention, you need to present your Irresistible Offer.

Most people eventually ask: “How do I get started making money with ClickFunnels?”

I say to them it all comes down to three words… “Hook, Story, Offer”

When they ask what this means, I then tell them how I learned this through the “One Funnel Away Challenge” and how it inspired me to create these awesome bonuses.

Which in turn led me to earning over $10K in affiliate commissions and growing…

They usually then ask to see the bonuses I’m using and that’s what gets them hooked. 

They now have the strategy, the offer, the products and the tools to make money online.

If you follow this simple formula, it will be hard NOT to earn your first commission.

My goal is to help 100 people earn their first $100 online ASAP.

Ready to get started?

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Peace, Love and Success to You!

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