How To Double Your Instagram Audience With This Simple Instagram Automation App

If you have a business and you are not on Instagram, you should be.

In 2018, Instagram reached 1 billion monthly active users and there is no stopping in sight.

It can take time to build out your Instagram page so for me, I leverage automation tools to help with some of the work.

In this latest video, I show you how I doubled my Instagram audience using a new Instagram automation app called Social Captain.

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Who should use SocialCaptain?

Influencers, Bloggers, Affiliate Marketers and other businesses looking to build an audience quickly and efficiently in an automated way and generate traffic.

What can SocialCaptain do?

SocialCaptain offers all of the features you would expect from an Instagram automation app.

The reason that Social Captain seems to be growing so fast I believe is that they’re using an AI-powered growth module that acts like a real user is doing the work on your account.

This to me is huge because if you look and act like a bot, your efforts could actually backfire on you, get you shadowbanned or even worse, get your account shut down.

Not good…

What is AI-Optimization?

The AI-Optimization module uses the full power of machine learning to automatically improve your account’s results with every execution.

When the AI-Optimization module is enabled, the platform will learn from your account’s past actions, conversions and existing followers, and automatically optimize future activity, to maximize your conversions and more precisely target your desired audience.

AI-Optimization is enabled by default on the Turbo Plan and requires no extra setup.

The module can increase the growth by up to 350% compared regular automation. You can automatically Like, Follow, Comment, Unfollow targeted audiences.

The targeting capabilities are very powerful.

You can take a larger influencer like say Garry V, Frank Kern or Tai Lopez, if that is your niche and SocialCaptain will target your Likes, Follows and Comments to their followers.

Most of the Instagram bots out there make promises to deliver results overnight and honestly this is the wrong approach and you shouldn’t do this unless you want Instagram to ban your account.

Instagram can detect this unnatural bot behavior and if that happens, you’re done.

The team at SocialCaptain know that creating a reliable and trustworthy profile using visuals can take time and it should and that is where the AI module comes in.

It learns when to post and how much so that you get the benefits of automation but with a low risk of overuse. In my testing so far, I’ve added over 400 new followers in just 5 days to an account that only had 900 followers.

The AI-powered growth module yield results up to 150x times better than manual interaction and I saw it in action.

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