How to achieve higher performance, shoot for the moon and create better version of yourself.

I recently discovered Tom Bilyeu and his show Impact Theory.  Tom created Impact Theory to help people develop the skills they will need to improve themselves and the world and after just one episode, I am hooked. His content is inspiring people around the world to unlock their potential and pursue greatness.

I’ve watch 3 amazing interviews so far and I wanted to share these great stories with you. The show is amazing and I urge you to check it out and subscribe to his channel.

Below are three inspiring storie of entreperneurs that each provided me with great insights into achiving high performance, setting big goals and dreams and how to create better version of yourself.

I took away some great ideas and insights from each of these videos and I hope you do too.

How to Achieve Ultra High Performance with Dr. Michael Gervais

Dr. Michael Gervais has helped Super Bowl winners, Olympic gold medalists, Fortune 500 companies and more dominate their field by molding their mindset into that of a high-performer.

His insight on the psychology of recognizing and executing in high-stake moments has made him the go-to guy for anyone wanting to win at a higher level.

Co-founder of Compete to Create Dr. Michael Gervais, explains what it takes to lock-in own the moments that matter.

How to Stop Being Realistic and Shoot for the Moon with Jesse Itzler

Jesse Itzler is a self-proclaimed adrenaline-junkie taking on and pulling off unlikely challenges such as founding a private jet company, with no experience, after being told he couldn’t and running 100 miles in 24 hours.

His fearlessness and boundless curiosity have not only made him a successful entrepreneur but a man likely to die with no regrets.

The best-selling author of Living With A SEAL talks about maximizing life’s potential.

What Everyone Struggling Needs to Know Right Now with Ed Mylett

Ed Mylett went from showering at public pools because he was beyond broke to becoming one of the youngest CEO MD’s in World Financial Group’s history.

And unlike most rags to riches stories he has tangible, step by step advice on how to recognize that better version of yourself you think about every day and actually become it.

Master motivator Ed Mylett discusses the keys to manifesting your dream life.

Hope you enjoy thse inspiring videos and they help you make another step forward on your journey.



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