Discover how our brains are literally “wired” to help those that are weaker.

It’s been said that if you want to be truly successful and live a life of growth and fulfillment, being of service to others is a big part of that.

I was recently re-reading about neuroplasticity in Evolve Your Brain by Dr. Joe Dispenza and didn’t realize how fundamentally important “service to others” truly is.

What captured my attention was in the description below the diagram of how our brains are literally “wired” to help those that are weaker.

Donald Hebb, a Canadian neuropsychologist known for his work in the field of associative learning came up with the phrase;

“Neurons that fire together wire together.”

This phrase is intended to remind us that every experience, thought, feeling and physical sensation in our bodies trigger thousands of neurons, which form a neural network.

When you repeat an experience or habit or behavior over and over again, the brain learns to trigger the same neurons each time.

In the diagram below, Hebb explains how weaker neurons are enhanced by those that are stronger.

"Neurons that fire together wire together."

What is most fascinating to me is the correlation between success and fulfillment between our inner world and the outside world.

Success, growth, and fulfillment in life depend on making connections with other human beings, lifting the weak up and helping them on the path towards a better future.

The more I learn about the brain, the more I’m fascinated with humanity, where we have come from and the future we’re heading in. I hope this little insight was beneficial to you as it was to me.

If you’re not growing, you’re dying so keep feeding your brain.

If you want to learn more about the brain, I recommend checking out all of Dr. Joe Dispenzas books.

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