Email List Building options for Bloggers using GetResponse

As you’ve probably noticed, I’m on a mission to expand my business.

Last year, I started the Entrepreneur Accelerator and I’ve been trying every list-building technique in the book.

More subscribers, more potential sales, right?

Know what works best so far?

It’s giving visitors lots of creative ways to sign up for my list.

So I’ve been exploring the collection of form types included in the GetResponse email marketing platform.

For example, on your blog, you can create a scroll form that follows your reader as they scroll down the page — a friendly reminder to sign up for updates or for an offer or lead magnet.

You can also place a fixed-bar form at the top of the reader’s browser, so it’s always in view.

GetResponse includes interesting ways to grab attention — a shake form that … well, it shakes (very gently) to catch the reader’s eye.

There’s an exit pop-up form you can set to appear when the reader is leaving (to reduce bounces).

And an image pop-up form that allows you to add a colorful photo or image.

One of my strategies is to offer a sign-up incentive.

I use a download form that releases the e-document and adds the new subscriber to my marketing list

You can customize these forms too.

In fact, there’s a Color Magic tool that matches the form colors to the colors on your website or blog automatically.

And any form can be coded to add the new subscriber to the campaign of your choice.

Difficult? Nope.

After I finish choosing the settings, I copy a snippet of code and paste it into the website HTML — and there it is, looking great.

What else?

Oh yes, you can add custom fields to the form.

The extra data is useful for segmenting my list, personalizing messages, and providing dynamic content.

As you know, I started using social media to build my list. (If you’re not, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee.)

GetResponse has free tools that integrate sign-up forms with everyday business tools like Facebook, WordPress, PrestaShop, Joomla, WooCommerce, and many more.


To sum up, I couldn’t be happier with the growth of my email list. I’m adding people daily.

Once you get your forms in place, they keep working night and day, week after week.

And if a particular form seems to be under-producing, you can run an A/B test and then tweak it to find out what works best.

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