How to put ads on your web site so you can make money?

If you’re at the point where you have your website setup, you have some great content and your audience is growing, the easiest way to begin putting ads on your site is to probably use Google Adsense if you want to generate income from Adwords ads on your site.

This is probably the most popular & easiest way to start generating an income.

If you have high quality content in a niche that advertisers are spending budgets on, you can generate a good revenue stream.

Depending on your blog topic niche, you may also want to consider Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is partnering with brands that offer a commission as reward for your endorsement and referral. Affiliate marketers or resellers generally act as a middleman between customers and products. Affiliate marketers earn a commission by referring web traffic and sales through their own promotional efforts using a coded URL or web address to track each referral.

There are 1000’s of applications, products and books you can resell for a commission and if you have a large enough audience on your blog, you can make some decent money.

Check out my Ultimate list of of SaaS affiliate & reseller programs to find programs that may fit your content niche.

As for getting the ads on your site, with most of the ad networks including Google Adsense, you will need to add a small code snippet to your website in the area you want to see the ads. This can be Skyscraper ad across the top of your webpage or ads in the sidebar of your blog.

When you signup for an Adsense account, you can create ad units and you will get a code snippet like the one below.

Either way, you will need to copy and paste this code onto the area on your site you want the ads to appear or you can get someone to help you do that.

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