9 tips for New Internet Entrepreneurs Just Starting Out

If you are just starting on your online business journey, here are 10 tips to guide you on the right path.

1. If you serious about building an online business and are truly are dedicated to making a move or making a change, burn the boats! This means go ALL IN!

2. Niche down. You can’t be everything to everyone. Determine who your dream customer is and focus all your efforts into serving them and solving their problems. When you focus, you become an expert.

3. Find the 1 THING that you are amazing at. What is your passion or your superpower? What can you talk about for hours. Focus on becoming the authority on that 1 thing.

4. If you think of money as scarce you will have a hard time asking for money. You need to have a positive relationship with money and know that it is abundant, not scarce. Give freely, invest in yourself and take risks! Give and you will get it back 10X.

5. Protect your time. Time is your greatest resource. Don’t waste it. Double down on your skills and then outsource to experts to create time for yourself.

6. WHO not HOW. Don’t worry so much about how to do things. Instead, worry about WHO you need to find in order to accomplish those things rather than you learning HOW to do everything. No one is good at everything. Build a team with the skills you need.

7. Done beats perfect. Move quickly and take massive action. Create, publish & repeat

8. Stop lone wolfing it. You are better with a team, they can help give you support and save you a ton of time. Remember, time is more scarce than money… Stop trying to learn everything yourself. Collapse time by finding a mentor. Model success.

9. Smile and have fun. If you are doing what you love for your dream customers, it shouldn’t feel like work.

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