5 things I learned from Tim Ferriss's new book TRIBE OF MENTORS

I got Tribe of Mentors from one of my good friends, Goran Yerkovich and started diving into it right away.

I love it already. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s Tim Ferriss his latest book on short life advice from the best in the world.

The basis of the book 11 well-crafted questions that he sent out to over 200 successful people in business, art, and life in general.

The questions are deep and bring about some deeply thoughtful answers from some amazing people.

Here are my favorite takeaways so far.

I’m still reading it and will provide more details in a follow-up post. There is so much great advice in this book.

1) Cleaning my email inbox

Author Steven Pressfield learned how to say no and screen out useless email from a security professional.

I’m cleaning out my email this month. Unsubscribing from newsletters I gotten for years but never read. Going to cut down the mail as much as I can to declutter my days.

2) Set up your life so that it accommodates creative work

Susan Cain co-founder of quiet Revolution say this about college, “I don’t believe that your best creative work is done when you’re stressed out because you’re teetering on the edge of bankruptcy or other personal disasters just the opposite need to set up your life so that it’s comfortable and happy as possible and then it accommodates your creative work.”

I love this quote in this is something that I need to work on in my life. I need to find the balance so that I create space for more creative work and I’m going to do this in 2018.

3) Keep going forward, failure is just the start

Kyle Maynard, a quadriplegic amputee that has more successes at physical feats than anyone I know, has some amazing insights on failure. In one of his stories he talks about trying to open up a jar when he was a kid for his grandma. He would try over and over again until finnaly… he usually failed again. But sometimes, he succeeded at it.

Here is a wonderful quote that’s stuck in my head.

“I don’t think failure is sometimes part of the process it always is when you feel you can’t go on know that you are just getting started.”

He goes on to talk about how suffering is the greatest teacher he’s ever had. Such an eye-opener for someone who’s so physically disadvantaged compared to the rest of us.

Beautiful… going to use these to motivate me.

4) Saying no to the hundreds of good ideas

There’s a great quote in here by Steve Jobs.

“People think Focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means that all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully. I’m actually as proud of the things we haven’t done as the things I have done Innovation is saying no to thousands of things.”

It’s a brilliant quote and I find myself having thousands of ideas and my struggle is picking the one or two that I should focus on.

This month I’m going to go through my list of ideas. Review, prioritize, and shelve what I shouldn’t be working on. Going to find where my focus should be in 2018.

5) Specialize

Matt Ridley gave some of the best advice in his section.

“Specialized. The great human achievement is to specialize as a producer of goods or services so that you can diversify as a consumer.”

More to come…

I’m just getting started in to the great book. I will post more great insights in subsquent post.

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