49 free online courses where you can learn almost anything

You can learn anything online today.

Here are 49 free online courses on a variety of subjects to make you smarter, healthier, happier and a better version of yourself.

The most successful people are all self-learners. They read on average 60 books a year and always have a thirst for knowledge.

Today, we are lucky to have the internet and its vast ocean of knowledge. Here is a list of 49 websites where you can learn almost anything.

  1. Affiliate Marketing Web School – Learn everything you need to become a successful affiliate.
  2. Khan Academy – High-quality free courses on a variety of subjects. 
  3. Alison – Free online courses from the world’s top publishers.
  4. CourseBuffet – Free online courses created by universities.
  5. Udemy – Huge selection of free and premium courses- mostly on technical skills.
  6. Highbrow – Free 10-day courses, divided into 5-minute daily lessons and delivered by email.
  7. Academic Earth – Free online academic education for everyone.
  8. Learnist – Print and video content, crowdsourced and curated by experts.
  9. Degreed – Unlimited learning. Free forever.
  10. Memrise –  Learn a variety of subjects via digital flashcards and crowdsourced mnemonics.
  11. Greatist – Articles on becoming healthy and happy.
  12. ZenHabits – Minimalist productivity advice, with a focus on psychology.
  13. Anki – Free flashcard software.
  14. Hello Healthy – Short, actionable health weight loss and fitness articles.
  15. Fitocracy – Free workout, fitness tips and fitness tracking.
  16. Codecademy – Learn Javascript, HTML, CSS, Python and more.
  17. Free Code Camp – Learn to code, meet other coders, build projects that help non-profits.
  18. Code.org – Introductory coding lessons, designed for k-12 students.
  19. Data Camp – Free and freemium courses on R, Python and data visualization.
  20. CodeCombat – Introductory coding lessons, in the form of a fantasy RPG.
  21. Lrn – Phone app with free interactive coding mini-quizzes.
  22. Duolingo – Learn over 20 different languages, including Klingon for some reason.
  23. Babbel – Free language learning with integrated speech recognition.
  24. Drops – Study a language on your phone for just 5 minutes a day.
  25. BusuuCommunity-base language learning. Interact with native speakers.
  26. CoffeeStrap – Practice a new language by voice chatting with native speakers with whom you share common interests.
  27. Lingvist – Learn a language in 200 hours.
  28. Improve Your Social Skills – Free social skills guide from a guy who overcame Asperger’s.
  29. Succeed Socially – Free social skills guide for awkward people.
  30. Job-Hunt.org – Free articles on job hunting, getting promoted, freelancing, personal branding, and other career skills.
  31. Mind Tools – Free tools and videos for improving career, management and communications skills.
  32. MakezineOnline magazine for makers with guides, projects and news.
  33. Snapguide – Free user-created guides for makers.
  34. ChefSteps – Mix of free and premium cooking classes.
  35. Instructables – User-created guides for making everything from cookies to buildings.
  36. Allrecipes – The web’s largest collection of recipes.
  37. InstaNerd – Read a never-ending series of random factoids.
  38. TED-Ed – Curated, high-quality educational videos.
  39. Brain Pump – Watch a random educational video.
  40. Now I Know – Fun facts delivered in a daily email newsletter.
  41. Curiosity – 5 fun new facts, delivered to your phone every day.
  42. ZidbitsHuge collection of articles on fun and unusual (mostly scientific) topics.
  43. Big Think – In-depth videos by experts.
  44. Curious – Sharpen your brain with daily “workouts”
  45. YousicianLearn your favorite guitar, bass, piano and ukelele songs.
  46. Parkour & Freerunning World – Free Parkour and Freerunning video tutorials. Be careful!
  47. Chesscademy – Learn chess from the masters, and solve chess puzzles.
  48. Pianu – Learn to play piano online.
  49. Surfedukators – Free surfing videos, tips and tutorials
  50. Flowkey – Free piano training app.

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