23 Exclusive Facebook Groups about marketing, business and entrepreneurship

If you want to learn about marketing, business and entrepreneurship then join these Facebook Groups.

These are some of the most active Facebook Groups for entrepreneurs I know of. Some of the most successful marketers and entrepreneurs out there are members and if you get accepted, the opportunity to learn from the pros is right there for the asking.

These groups are generally private and you need to apply to join. They are very focused on quality and have strict guidelines to keep the value high and spam and over promotional out.

People get kicked out all the time so, be the best version of yourself if you participate.

In no particular order, here are the groups and a short description.

1) Badass Marketers and Founders by Josh Fechter

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, founder, or growth hacker, this group is for you to learn, share, and grow.

2) Millennial Entrepreneur Community by Arne Giske 

This group full of awesome young entrepreneurs with some help from a few moderators!

3) Coffee with Dan by Dan Meredith

A place for entrepreneurs who want to get shit done, have more fun, make more profit all while simply BEING THEMSELVES- without being pitched to left/right/centre, being fed crap about ‘the universe’ and understand the value of DOING THE WORK to GET SHIT DONE

4) Grow Your Expert Business by Justin Devonshire 

THIS community helps coaches, consultants and experts grow their business WITHOUT the burnout & stress.

5) The Rich20 Something Community by Daniel DiPiazza 

This is a place to surround yourself with people who “get” you. A place to vent, share and grow with people who won’t laugh at your ambitions.

6) Traffic & Copy by Vin Clancy & Charlie Price 

Do you like Growth Hacking, Copywriting and Entrepreneurship?

This group is for skilled marketers and entrepreneurs that know what they’re talking about.

Share your ideas and proven tactics with other successful entrepreneurs and business owners.

7) Stacking Growth by Justin Wu – Blockchain Growth and Thomas Ma, Viral Apps Marketer 

Growth marketing group focused on leading edge marketing startegies and tactics.

8) Future Marketing by Luka Labrović

The Future Marketing group is oriented toward the future of online marketing. It’s a place where experts share their knowledge, methods, tips & tricks, hacks & tools that make their businesses stand out. It’s also a place where beginners can learn how to take their business to the next level.

9) SaaS Growth Hacks by Aaron Krall

This group is designed for you to get feedback, ask questions, get tips, help and discover new ways to grow your SaaS.

10) Entrepreneur Parents by me, Craig Cherlet

This group is about parents that hustle hard both on their business and with their family.

This is a place to connect, collaborate, and share strategies and projects. Please share your stories, questions, challenges, tips, and ideas for other entrepreneur parents.

11) Intrepid Entrepreneurs Community by Hannah Martin

This group is designed to help surround you with like-minded people! People who are here to answer questions, give feedback and provide support.

People who will motivate you when you feel like throwing in the towel. And most importantly this group is for people who are totally dedicated to becoming location independent and firing their bosses asses!

12) Humans of Online Business by Regina Anaejionu

This group is open to anyone who is interested in running a successful, humanized business online.

13) Screw the Nine to Five Community by Jill Stanton

This is a place for online entrepreneurs who want to connect with a posse of people who are driven by the same kinda dream. The people who want to make an impact…and bank.

14) E-commerce Entrepreneurs by Richard Lazazzera 

A forum for discussion, learning and growth on Shopify, ecommerce, digital marketing, Adwords, SEO, SEM, web analytics, content, CRM etc. The purpose of this group is to bring together a passionate community of ecommerce and online business builders help and encourage each other.

This is an active community of entrepreneurs. We only accept users active on Facebook for more than 1 year, with valid profile photos and that belong to less than 50 Facebook Groups.

15) Shopify Entrepreneurs by Jonathan Kennedy 

Shopify Entrepreneurs is a group of Shopify store owners, store managers and expert service providers including developers, designers, and marketers.

16) The Front Row by Jennifer Lehner 

The Front Row is a private Facebook group of motivated entrepreneurs who aren’t afraid to take a seat in the front of the class. This is a place to learn the latest, most powerful tactics and strategies in social media marketing and the digital world in general.

The group is lead by digital marketing strategist, Jennifer Lehner, and populated by a group of smart, passionate human beings who understand that the more we know how to leverage these incredible tools available to us, the more effective we will be in sharing our message with the world!

17) Digital Marketing Asia by Sharon Neo 

This group is open to anyone who would like to learn more or discuss digital marketing, particularly in Singapore and the rest of Asia.

18) Digital Marketing Questions by Ryan Stewart, MBA 

This group is meant for all digital marketing professionals (or people who want to learn) – SEO, PPC, social, Analytics – to ask questions, network and share relevant industry content.

19) Content Marketing Lounge by Nathan Collier 

The Content Marketing Lounge is the most supportive community for content marketers on the internet.

20) Really Simple Online Courses by Pete OC 

This FB group is for you if… 1. You want to turn your know-how into a simple-to-launch, yet *highly* profitable online course 2. And, you’re fed up with all the complicated, “me-too” launch systems that bombard your inbox each day.

21) CopyMonk by Danavir Sarria 

This is the place where copywriters and business owners can learn the simple way to writing high converting copy.

22) Cult of Copy by Colin Theriot

From ad men who sell stuff with words, to madmen who control cults with psychology, to bad men who manipulate masses with influence – what is taboo and forbidden elsewhere is dragged out into the light and dissected here for fun and profit.

23) Growth Hacking Secrets by Alex Rangevik – Growth Hacker

Growth hackers focus on low-cost and innovative alternatives to traditional marketing, e.g. utilizing social media and viral marketing instead of buying advertising through more traditional media such as radio, newspaper, and television.

Please invite other entrepreneur parents to this group.

In Closing

I hope this list helps you find great communities to join and learn from.

Click a link and hit the join button and begin participating and adding value!

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