20 entrepreneurs and their $500/Month side projects

A few weeks ago I posted a question on Reddit asking entrepreneurs to show and tell their side projects that were making $500+/month. This post is a summary of those projects.

Here are 20 entrepreneurs earning over $500/month online with their side gigs.

1) Flippiness

Though their journey began as more of a side-project out of necessity, they are now on the way to capturing a significant amount of market share. Let’s have a look at them.

Flippiness gives an outline on which books to buy and sell. However, if someone has already claimed all copies, the link will be invalidated. The good thing is they update the links after every one hour. Also, you will have to be careful about wrong ISBNs. In short, Flippiness allows people to make money online by buying and selling old books.


2) The Goats

This sports apparel project was launched about a year ago. Since its beginning, it has attracted a big customer base. It has become a fashion icon in the industry.

3) Billionaire Baht Boys


Billionaire Baht Boys is an independent clothing company which offers locally made clothing items based on Asian, funny, and motivational themes. All products are sourced and marketed right here in the USA.

4) Nomadic Flight Club


If you are looking for free flight alerts, hacks, or cheap deals, this is where you subscribe. The owner primarily started it as a hobby and later made it open to all.

5) Empire Cash flow


The VIP email list provider is esteemed for authenticity. Using the list, it is possible to promote any products, including software.

6) Scrappy cabin


This blog is primarily about automation and technical marketing. Besides, it sells customized software to clients. At first you will get a free version of the software and, later, will be billed accordingly.

7)Zally Imports


Zally Imports has made sourcing products from China easier. It works as a link between you and the manufacturer in China. As a result, you can source product directly at lower costs.

8) Ansible for devops


Jeff wrote the book during the automation process of some SaaS products. Now it is a gem for readers in the similar field. He has also created different projects which can be found here: https://www.jeffgeerling.com/search/self-publishing

9) Customfields for Shopify


The $19 per month app is a favorite among Shopify store owners. At the moment they have more than 700 recurring customers. To maintain quality over quantity, they do not market the app. As a result it appears in the Shopify app store naturally. Overall, it’s a stable and hassle-free application.

10) Leapsecond


As a video journal app, Leap Second is more reliable than other similar apps in the market. The app is organized and the backup is safe.

11) Email Octopus


If you are looking for a reliable and affordable email marketing tool, Email Octopus is the way to go. It is, however, not that cheap. You have to spend $149/m for a subscription base of 10,000 – 25,000. Nevertheless, the service and quality are top-notch.

12) Black test market


BackTestMarket helps retailers to acquire genuine and high-quality historical financial data to take the next big step. They are planning to release new products and services soon.

13) Publir


Today the world of blogging is competitive than any time before. The job gets even tougher when you are running an economics or law blog. Publir offers ad-free and cleaning reading experiences for your blog readers.

14) Kernl


The process of finding potential market, getting customers, and growing business is like a marathon. The creator of the site experiments with technology and enables the users to customize WordPress plugins according to their need. It offers 3 pricing plans.

15) Recapped


Recapped is your all-in-one tool to organize everything, keep everyone accountable, and get rid of tiresome email chains. It helps sale reps to collaborate, engage, and communicate with potential customers.

16) Local name


It provides a publicly accessible URL to your computer and advances the process of server side development. It is also a great tool for webhooks.

17) Tomotcha


Tomotcha is a Japanese green tea subscription service, inspired by the idea of Bemmu’s Candy Japan. The services are all about customer service, marketing, and logistic. At the moment they are overhauling the whole process to make it more dynamic for customers.

18) Stum Machine


Strum Machine is a music practice tool aimed at players who belong to sub-cultures like folk, bluegrass, and old-time. The creator of the tool developed it after not finding any similar products online for his students. The app is based on Meteor JavaScript platform, which makes it mobile-friendly. Currently it has about 300 paid subscribers.

19) Movewell app


The developer felt the necessity of an at home physical therapy coach after he busted his ankle while running an ultra-marathon. Right after the launch, it experienced rapid growth in a matter of a few months.

20) Docsapp.io


When you have access to DocsApp, you can start publishing documentation in a few minutes. So you won’t have to wait to build a documentation site anymore. Though it’s still in development phase, it has created a buzz already.


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