You need THIS mindset if you want to make real money online

If you’re working a job today trading your valuable time for money and you want to make more money by working less, then you need to flip your mindset.

It’s a simple mindset change but it takes a lot of work to put into practice.

The mindset flip you need to make is that you need to become a producer first and a consumer second.

We’re conditioned from such a young age to become consumers. Not long after we start to learn to talk, we learn to be a consumer.

“I want dat dada!”

My kids are like this right now. They know what they want, and they want it now. A stuffed animal, the latest Lego set up, whatever it is, they are already excellent consumers at 4 and 5 years old. When we walk into a mall, it takes 2.5 seconds for me to start hearing; I want this Daddy, I want that Daddy.

Teaching or learning to consume is easy. It’s ingrained in us from a very young age.

The key to creating success online and building a residual income is to become an expert producer. You need to create stuff that has value to a small or large niche group of consumers.

Whether the stuff you create is a blog post that sells a software application or physical products, or music, or art, or whatever. You need to create things and provide huge value so that other people can consume it and pay you for it.

When you produce something of value for consumers you are essentially creating an asset for yourself. That asset can live on for years and years, and pay you over and over again even when the time you put into building it is long passed.

This is the power of being a creator rather than just a consumer.

Here’s an example.

Let’s say you write a book on how to build a garden shed and you sell this book for $5 on your blog or website. It takes you say 50 hours to create this book and a few more hours to build a sales funnel to sell it.

You invest that time(60 hours) once and then you sell the book as many times as you can. Since building garden shed is a timeless piece of advice, this book will never go out of style and as long as you set up a system to keep sending people to your website to buy the book, your income opportunity is endless for this one asset.

It’s conceivable that this asset can pay for many years into the future without you having to put any more work in to it.

What separates the rich from the poor?

It’s their mindset. The majority of rich people in this world are producers and the majority of the rest of the working population are consumers.

If you start operating like a producer and be on the right side of this equation, you’re setting yourself up for success.

If you can figure this out and become an expert producer, then the money will follow.

Start Creating something now!

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