Why your website needs to be Responsive

I wrote about the importance of responsive websites on our company blog a few weeks back and I can’t seem to stress this enough to businesses of all sizes.  Mobile is here and growing at an exponential rate and you need to adapt now.

By 2015, there will be 7.4 billion mobile devices in the market.

I find it frustrating when I go to a website on my iPhone and see a site that’s designed only for the desktop. It looks great for people on a computer but the mobile user is given a sub par and generally frustrating experience.

On Saturday I decided to check out the winning numbers for the $50 million lotto max. I type lotto max into Google on my iPhone, find the bclc.com website and here’s what I get.

bclc bclc2

After playing with the site, zooming in and out trying get to the winning numbers, I’m thinking, why does a company that makes millions of dollars not have a mobile ready website? It just seems shortsighted to me.  The more pinching and tapping you have to do, the more frustrating it can be. I guess when you’re a lottery, your customers will still buy from you no matter what.

There not alone though, there are still many companies out there yet to embrace mobile. From local government to restaurant and insurance companies. Some are slow to adapt but i’m sure they will soon.

Here are a few others I have come across.

photo 2  photo 3photo 1

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