ClickFunnels are online intention-based websites that are designed to turn traffic into leads and leads into paying customers.

You can use it for all kinds of products and services, even coaching, e-commerce and building your own online course with your own affiliate program.

An online sales funnel is usually made up of a lead capture page with a video or text and a form to capture an email.

Then a sales page to pitch the product and some follow up email scripts to move leads through the buying process.

This is a simplification of the process but you get the idea.

It’s a great marketing tool and they have sold over 55,000 subscriptions because it works and ClickFunnels customers are making millions with it.

It simplifies the design process for creating sales funnels that include sales pages, landing pages, and integrations for things like email sequence campaigns and process automation.

Basically, it helps you manage your entire sales funnel.

Watch How ClickFunnels Can Help You Sell More Online

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