Ultimate List of 100+ Online Business Ideas

Are you looking for an online business you can start and run out of your home or from anywhere in the world?

It’s not a surprise.

In a recent Gallup research study, 90% of people feel disconnected from their jobs.

It’s a sad statistic and if you count yourself as one of the 90% then I hope this list provides you with some insight and inspiration to start something and hustle your way to the life you want and deserve.

As you will see, there are so many different business opportunities where you can make money working from home.

Let’s get started!



With the explosion of people starting businesses, there is a huge need for accounting professionals. Small business owners need advice and help keeping their books up to date. You could start a freelance accounting business and provide bookkeeping, accounting and/or payroll services. You can also partner with accounting software companies like Xero & Intuit/Quickbooks to resell  their accounting software along with your accounting services.

Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is partnering with brands that offer a commision as reward for your endorsement and referral. Affiliate marketers or resellers generally act as a middlemen between customers and products. As an affiliate marketer, you can earn commissions by referring web traffic and sales through their own promotional efforts using a coded URL or web address to track each referral.

There are thousands of products you can resell for a profit. Many of the bloggers you read online are probably affiliate marketers. I use affiliate marketing on this website to help generate a passive income and you can too. Here is another post on SaaS affiliate programs.

Airbnb Host

Renting your spare rooms, your house or condo on Airbnb can be a pretty profitable business venture if you have the space. There is lots to learn about this business idea and you need to be careful in the region you are doing this. Some cities are applying new policies and laws you need to be aware of.  Here is a great article in Fast Company to Learn how to create a 6 figure Airbnb business.

Amazon affiliate business

The Amazon Associates program offers many ways to make money on the largest selection of books, music, DVDs, toys, electronics, kitchen, apparel, jewelry, tools that you can find on the Amazon website. As an Amazon Associate, you can earn commissions on products and services that you refer customers to. There are thousands of people earning a living doing this and you can do it too. The trick is finding a niche and focusing on that. Do your research and learn the best way to profit as an Amazon Associate.

I created these niche Amazon Associate sites.

  1. www.gearandtools.com
  2. www.charliesgadgets.com
  3. www.waterstoragecanada.com

Any specialized skill

Everyone has a specialized skill they can share with the world. You can take your specialized skill and turn it into a blog, a course, an ebook or Youtube channel. Let’s say you are a sailboat repair technician. You know all about fixing sailboats. You could create a simple online course for on “How to maintaining your sailboat” or “Getting your boat ready for winter”. Your specialized skill could be an underserved niche in the marketplace.

Here is a great course at Udemy that can teach you “How To Turn Your Passion Into Profit Online

App Designer

There are almost 5 million apps in both the Apple App store and the Google Play App store. If you have a great problem to solve for a specific niche, building a mobile app can be very profitable. With over 5 million apps, you need to do your research and really understand both your target audience and the specific problem you are solving for them. Right now the most downloaded paid apps include Games, Health apps, Productivity tools and other entertainment apps.

Become a YouTube Video star

Some of the highest paid Youtube stars are earning over $10 million dollars a year. Felix Kjellberg(PewDiePie) makes over $12 million a year playing video games and making jokes, Rosanna Pansino making $5 million as the Cupcake Wizard and Michelle Phan makes over $3 million a year with Makeup tutorials. If you have a knack for being in front of the camera becoming a youtube star can be very profitable.

These people are at the top of the game but there is always room for new talent. There are many people making a good living in smaller niche areas doing things as simple as teaching people how to draw.

If you have the talent for this, you don’t need to much. A good fast computer, a quality camera & microphone and video editing software.

Bed and Breakfast Operator

Before there was Airbnb, there were just plain old Bed & Breakfasts. A bed and breakfast is small scale lodging that offers overnight accommodation and breakfast in the morning. You can setup a Bed and breakfast in your private family home. This works especially well if you live in a place that has lots of tourism.

Here is a great place to start if you want to open your own Bed & Breakfast.

Being a Gigwalker

Gigwalk is a crowd-sourced service that helps businesses with various types of tasks that help them learn how they’re doing. It’s an app that pays people to do these task for them. Anyone can apply to be a Gigwalker. You download the app, view a map full of tasks in the neighborhood immediately around you and get to work. Tasks can include things like:

  • Write a review of on something
  • Take a picture of a menu or product on a shelf
  • Take a picture of an specific intersection or roadblock
  • Review and enter an establishment’s hours of operation
  • and even answer simple quick questions like: is this place still in business?

When you complete a gig, Gigwalk reviews your work and deposits money straight into your PayPal account. Learn more and start earning.

Being a Task Rabbit

Similar to being a Gigwalker, people that sign up for Task rabbit are looking for someone to do tasks like cleaning, fixing and even furniture building. When you sign up as a Tasker, you can apply for these tasks around where you live. TaskRabbit notifies you of potential jobs nearby,  you select the one you want to complete, confirm the details with your Client, complete the work and submit your invoice.

Taskers can earn good money. Some of the elite taskers are earning over 6 figures doing all kinds of interesting jobs.

Bicycle Repair Professional

I’ve seen this bike repair truck driving around Vancouver many times and I imagine it’s a great business. You can either start a mobile bike repair business or do this out of your garage or even a leased space. With traffic congestion, climate change and the growing health trend, more people are getting on bikes and that means they will need to be tuned and repaired. If you love biking and have a knack for fixing them, this is a great business.

If you don’t want to repair bikes but you know how, you could also create online books or courses to help others who want to learn how to fix bikes.


The process to make money as a blogger is simple. You set up your blog, start creating useful content attract and nurture your readers, build engagement with them and make money from the readership through one or more of a variety of income streams like digital goods, affiliate products, sponsorships and more.

The process sounds simple but there is a lot that goes into each of these steps. You can start right now with my Tutorial on How to get WordPress setup on Bluehost. You can also check out ProBlogger. He has one of the best blogging startup guides if you want to become a blogger.


Bookkeeping is the recording of financial transactions, generally into an accounting system. It’s part of the process of accounting in business. A bookkeeper is tasked with adding transactions like purchases, sales, receipts, and payments by an individual person or business. Because all you need is a computer with an internet connection, being a bookkeeper is a low stress job you can do from anywhere.

If you are good with numbers, it doesn’t take much to start a bookkeeping business. You can find jobs on Upwork and sites like Freelancer and start today.

Buy an Existing Website

If you are short on time and have some money to invest, there are plenty of existing websites for sale. Empire Flippers for example has all kinds of websites for sale from Amazon affiliate sites, to Adwords & eCommerce sites.

Sedo also sells profitable websites that are already profitable. They can cost a bit but they can save you lots of time.

Buy and Sell Domain Names

Buying and selling domain names can be profitable when done right. There are stories abound of people buying domains $10 dollars 15 years ago and then selling today for millions of dollars. The chances of this happening to most is low but there is still opportunities to make money buying and selling domains. especially since there are new Top level domain extentions like .travel, .legal and hundreds more.  The key to buying and selling domains today is about knowing your niche and what domains may be worth more than others.

Joe Styler over on the Goddady Blog wrote a great article on 5 tried-and-true tips for buying and selling domain names for profit.

Buy Used Electronics and Refurbish Them

Also called garage-saleing, if you know a lot about electronics and their value, you can hunt at garage sales and flea markets for undervalued electronics, clean them up and then sell them on Amazon, ebay or even craigslist for a profit.

Car stereo installer

I did this when I was a kid. Of course back then it was tape decks and eventually CD players but as a 16 year old I made some good money. If you have a passion for mobile audio and video being a mobile car stereo installer could be a great side hustle.

Car Washing and Detailing

Starting a mobile auto washing and detailing business eliminates the need for a physical business location, therefore start-up costs considerably less. You can start with inexpensive supplies and tools and grow as your needs arise. As a mobile detailer, you can work in shopping mall parking lots, people ‘s home driveways and garages.

You can start on your own and build a brand or you can buy an existing business or franchise. Here is a good article on How to Start a Mobile Car-Detailing Business.

Carpet Cleaning

A commercial cleaning business can be a lucrative part or full-time business. Compared to other start-up costs, the expenses typically are modest. You won’t need an office, storefront or inventory. What you will need, besides lots of energy and the ability to deal with homeowners, will cost from $10,000 to $60,000 depending on whether you go with a portable cleaner or a truck-mounted system.

Catering Business

The opportunity is huge if you want to run a catering business. To begin with, you can start with catering service for 20 people or less. If you are used to cooking for your family and friends, and, get regular praise for your culinary prowess, then you should consider seriously about entering this multi-billion dollar industry.  

Christmas Tree Farmer

If you have a small acreage to cultivate on, you may consider a Christmas tree plantation. First of all, Christmas trees are low maintenance and don’t require time consuming attention; so, you can take this as a leisure project, while making a fortune after the end of the year. You can grow about 1,500 trees per acre and sell each for no less than $30 or $40.

Don’t stop at Chrismas trees, if you have the space, consider cedars and other trees depending on where you live.

Cleaning service

With a set of predefined parameters you can gross a handsome amount from your cleaning service. Besides the one time investment for cleaning equipment, the cost is a meagre sum. And if used with care, the equipment is going to last for years.

The secret is floating your offer on a room basis, instead of the whole apartment. And add the average cost of equipment usage per cleaning, to meet all ends.   

Clothing Alterations and Tailoring

This is the ultimate side gig to earn more than any of your peers if you love clothes and fashion. A passion for tailoring and sewing, with a touch of skill, will open the door of unlimited opportunities for you. Custom offers with a base price will have a limited but elegant clientele coming to your online store.

Clothing Designer

Attention to detail and a creative mind are all what it takes to create some world-class designs desired by any fashion house. As soon as you come up with authentic, eye soothing designs, rest assured that fashion houses will be willing to spend big to entertain your works. This might be the perfect seasonal gig you have been looking for.

Commission-Only Sales

A commission only job will take you to prove your patience, diligence, and integrity. With the right motivation and the mentality to work hard, you could be the one of the best in this field and see your bank account soaring with cash.

Though commission-only sales offer a flexible timeframe to work in, be sure, you are being involved with legit job providers. This is similar to affiliate marketing.

Computer Repair

Some of us have the ability to repair personal computers with knowledge gathered through intense curiosity. This is time to turn your computer mastery into something profitable. Do some local digital advertising in your neighbourhood and wait for calls. There is still millions of people that need help with technology. Find your niche and start selling.

Consignment Shop

This is a great way of getting rid unwanted cloths and other stuffs occupying space in your closet; and in the process, earn some cash. You can also get a hold of stuffs that your acquaintances, friends, and family will be happy to give away for nothing or a minimal price. You can then sell them in a small retail shop or online on ebay, craigslist or Facebook for a nice profit.


As t6he future of work evolves more and more people are turning to consulting work to be in more control of their lives. Provide your knowledge and experience for a fee and help others at the same time. If your expertise revolves around a specialized field like engineering, planning, business, or financial handling, you can expect some lucrative offers for your opinions and capabilities.  

Dance Instructor

If you love dancing and keep yourself busy practicing all those exhilarating moves whenever you get a break then why not turn it into a business? Realise your potentials by taking the profession of an at-home dance instructor, and earn from what you love to do the most.  You can be mobile or if you have the space at home, build a home studio for teaching dance.

Develop an App

In this era of smartphones, mobile apps are high on demand. There is an app for almost everything. Every day we see new apps springing up to claim a share of the $31 billion market. Just one super hit app can make you filthy rich. Focus on solving specific problems that big groups of people experience and you might find yourself with a hit on your hands.   


Whatever the occasion, DJ music is must to give life to an event. Almost every day you will see there are events taking place around you. If you love to play music, keep up to date on the latest chart topping singles then you could make use of your DJ-ing skills to earn a livelihood.  You can start out doing small events and grow to do massive gigs if you can build a great following. 

Dog Groomer

Pet lovers have great expectations about their canines. They want them to have a great manner and look. Taking this in account the dog grooming industry is becoming one of the fastest growing. There many tutorials and materials online to master this art.   

Drone Pilot

There are many ways to make money for drone operators. Mapping, aerial inspection, and delivery are a few of them. It is a fun way to earn without getting yourself bored. Check out Dronebase to learn how you can profit as a pilot.

Drone Trainer

If you have mastered being a drone pilot, why not teach others. Possessing a drone is just the beginning of a long journey. Without knowing how to navigate, it would not make a difference. If you are a skilled operator, you can cash on this by teaching people how to fly like a pro.    

eBay Sales

eBay is the place where you can sell almost everything and anything. You can dropship products or sell stuff you find on Craigslist, at garage sales or you can source a particular product on Alibaba for cheap and sell it on eBay, with a handsome profit.   


Today readers prefer to read everything on the screen. It’s cheap, convenient, and accessible from anywhere. eBook readers like Kindle are revolutionizing this online reading trend. What do you know that others want to know. Everyone has something they can teach. Start writing on any hot topics, and turn it into an ebook. You can sell it on Amazon, or on your own website and earn money from your book.

With Amazon’s self publishing services you can reach millions of readers worldwide and keep control of your work. It’s fast and easy to independently publish your print book with CreateSpace and create an audiobook with ACX.

Fill Out Online Surveys

Many companies take online surveys as a mean to develop their ideas and marketing strategy. Some of these surveys are paid for; you can simply fill out and earn.  


A floral business can pay off a great deal if you know how to come up with some creative ways, even when it’s offseason. From your floral business you can make about $14-$24 per hour.

Freelance Content Marketing

In digital marketing, content creation and promotion are integral. If you have the right knowledge and experience, you can take this as a career opportunity. Experienced content marketers are paid very well by big companies.  

Freelance copywriter

Copywriters give voice to a brand or product. It is an art of playing with consumers’ wit to persuade them to incline to particular products or services. Necessarily, businesses hire skilled copywriters with a higher wage, to ensure smooth promotion.

Freelance Data Analysis

Data scientists are nowadays a part and parcel of any business strategy. For their service, which includes logical and analytical reasoning to reach a conclusion, they charge higher than any other freelance professional. Top data analysts even make $50,000 a year.

Freelance Proofreading and Editing

You can simply work as a freelance proofreader and editor on major freelancing marketplaces like Freelancer, Upwork, and Guru. Based on your expertise and profile feedback, you can make about $10-$30 per hour.    

Furniture Upcycler

Investing in small furniture could be a good and stable source of income for you. Alert your neighbours about your intention to buy their furniture whenever they want to get rid of them. The armchair that cost you $6.5 can be sold for almost twice the price the very next day.   

Gardening Business

Use the vacant lot of your house to grow seasonal vegetables, flowers and offer your service to others who would be interested in owning their own garden as well. The profit potential is quite high.   


Working as a ghostwrite you write academic paper, books, and other contents for people who would pay for your service. Ghostwriting is a nice way to maintain a steady income flow.   

Gift Basket-Making Business

Gift basket-making would be an ideal choice for you if you can turn those cheap supplies into wonderful gift baskets. The cost of making each basket would be quite cheap as you can make use of the stuffs at hand, also.

Give music lessons

The average cost of an half an hour long music lesson ranges in between $15-$40. If you are skilled at playing an instrument, you can offer music lessons.

Glass Blower

Glass-blowing skill is really precious. You can sell an item for $15-$30. With your handiness you can earn up to $1000 selling a number of items every day.   

Google Paid Ad Specialist

Once you set up an ad campaign that works, it generates income against every click. But to make a campaign fruitful, you need to know every dos and don’ts. Also you have to come up with new strategies to add momentum. A Google ad specialist gets about $60k every year in pay checks.      

Grant writer

If you are a major in the field of communication, journalism, English, or marketing with intense writing orientation, you can work as a grant writer. The average income of a grand writer stands at $45,000.  

Graphic designer

The role of a graphic designer is widening with the expansion of different sections. On average, graphic designers charge about $25-$50 per hour for their service. If you want to work from home, there are many freelance websites where you will get suitable jobs.

Hair Stylist

People tend to pay big to have their hair done. The hairstyle industry is growing rapidly than any time before. You can get yourself enrolled in a short course and upon completion, start working as a hairstylist.    


Can you do those occasional plumbing or repair work from scratch? Do you like to play with tools? If the answers are ‘yes’, you can also earn from this skill.

Henna Designer

Henna is becoming popular among women in the west. Today many makeover saloons offer such service for a considerable fee.  

Home Appraising

Real estate appraisers can earn up to $200,000 a year appraising real estate. You can focus on residential or commercial and you can operate it all from your home and business vehicle. 

Home Daycare Provider

You can make some money sitting in your home while playing and taking care of children. The hourly wage for such a job is no less than some regular jobs and if you have kids of your own that you are already taking care of, why not turn this into a business. There are regulations in each province or state so make sure you get the right licensing in place. 

Home Health-Care Agency

Nowadays, home health-care services are becoming a cheaper replacement for hospital services. Plus, patients don’t have to leave their home all the time for treatment. So, it is a viable option to open a home health-care agency of your own.

Home Staging Professional

Earn commission for every staging that you perform. If your performance is satisfactory, you will get raise, soon.

Hot Air Balloon Operator

Hot air balloon tours are on rise, especially in areas where tourists throng quite often. With a little bit of industry knowledge and a decent investment you can operate an air balloon service and generate income.


Take on the duty entrusted by your landlord to care take the property where you live; and forget about paying rents.

Human Billboard

This idea is still in the primary stage – that means you can expect a lesser competition. Go places renting your body for advertisements and earn some cash.

Inbound Marketing Specialist

Inbound marketing is a blend of all available content marketing strategies. So, an inbound marketer has a big responsibility to coordinate between all the phases. The average annual income of an inbound marketer is roughly $76,000.

Instagram Marketing

Photo sharing site Instagram gives a much required boost to aspiring celebrities and brands. To get effective promotion on Instagram, hiring specialists is nothing new.

Interior Designer

Everybody wants to have their apartment decorated. So, obviously an interior designer’s schedule is always jam-packed. The annual median salary of an interior designer is not less than $50,000.

Jam Seller

You love to process and try new jams. Give a chance to others to taste your quality products, and earn.

Jewellery Maker

Many people make or design jewellery as a hobby. If you are one of them, you can sell custom jewelleries at a higher price.

Junk Removal Service

Put on your gloves and devote yourself to junk removal, and that is also for a fee. Apparently there are many people who can’t or won’t go through their junks.  

Landing Page Specialist

Landing page is the lifeblood of any website. It creates the first impression for any business. If you can help a brand develop a killer landing page that sells, this job is for you.

Landscape Designer

Office space or home – people don’t want to see monotonous greenery all the way through. Green is good, but they want it to be scenic and artistic. And that’s where you can put on the shoes of a much required landscape designer.

Language tutor

You are a polyglot who speaks French, German, Italian, and many other European languages. In this world of globalisation people are interested in speaking more than one language. Offer language learning sessions on an hourly basis.  

Life Coach

The duty of a life coach revolves around consulting people on matters related to life or coaching. There are many ways to be trained as a life coach. The income of renowned life coaches’ often hit the million dollar ceiling.  

Massage Therapist

As a certified massage therapist, you can work from home. Get those magical hands of yours at work and earn $25 per hour.

Medical Billing Business

Medical billing turns health care services taken into billing claim. Often insurers try to invent ways to block these claims. That is when a medical billing service provider comes into the scene.

Mobile Laundry Service

Besides your own laundry you can do some more for your neighbours or others and make a good income of it.

Mobile Spa Business

Get your spa table ready and pay a visit to your next client to make him or her feel relaxed after a hard day at work. The average pay is $15 per hour with a room for lots of tips – if you can perform as expected.  

Mystery Shopper

You can earn thousands of dollars a year discharging your duty as a mystery shopper. If you find fun in what you do, this is the job for you.

Network Marketing

If you are looking for a flexible, part-time gig, network marketing is the way to go. Some of the most renowned companies in the world spend heavily behind network marketing.

Online Courses

Offer different online courses based on your field of study and expertise. Set a fixed price for the courses you offer.

Online Dating Consultant

The online dating industry is worth millions of dollars. Claim a fair share of this lucrative online venture by working as a consultant.

Paper Shredding and Recycling Business

For many households and businesses, getting rid of unwanted papers is the other name of trouble. So, a paper recycling business has potentials to grow.

Paragliding Instructor

Paragliding is always fun. And if you think yourself a master of the art of flying in the wind, you can work part-time as an instructor.

Party Clown

You enjoy attending parties wearing clown costume for your friends. Take it a step further and offer it to others for a fee.

Personal Chef

With people becoming more health conscious and choosey about their foods, the demand for personal chef is at rise. This has opened a new window of opportunity for many amateur chefs.

Personal Fitness Trainer

There was a time when personal trainers were considered as a luxury that only the celebrities can afford. But now the situation has changed for good, and everyone wants to his or her dedicated fitness trainer.

Personal Stylist

As a personal stylist you can offer your service to men and women from different strata of life. Since it’s kind of an art, the payment for such a job is fantastic.   

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business

Sometimes people find it hard to leave their pets when going to work or other places. If you love to spend time with pets, this job is for you.

Phone Case Business

The perceived value for this venture is high, whereas the primary investment is low. And you can maintain high profit margin all the way through.


As a photographer you can capture wonderful moments and sell them to online and offline platforms for a handsome royalty.

Private Labeling and Selling Products on Amazon

Amazon’s private labelling program is going ahead swiftly. Market experts are not even hesitating to compare it to the next revolution in online commerce. This is high time if you want to do something big on Amazon, along with regular sales.  

Property Manager

You can work as a link between the tenants and the landlord to perform duties like: rent collection, repairs, maintenance etc. The average annual salary of a property manager is $55,000.


A publicist bears all the responsibilities relating to PR management on his or her client’s behalf. This is a challenging job that takes you to work in different industries. The bests in the industry even make $500 per hour.

Rent Your Car on Tour

Find out the days of the week when you don’t need your car or you can manage without it.

School Tutor

Tutor school going students and create a source of income. If you are a college graduate you can make about $15-$20 every hour.  

Sell stuff on Etsy

Etsy is a great place for selling and buying handmade or vintage products. Build your reputation as a seller on the platform and see your income hit a peak.

Seller of Collectibles

Collectible enthusiasts don’t hesitate to spend big on their desired items. And often rare collectibles are sold for a huge price.

Sewing Business

This is a venture that you can indulge in if you love sewing. It enables you to create magnificent clothing patterns and perform alteration professionally.

Skydiving Instructor

Do you love taking challenges? Then, with proper training and preparation, skydiving could be a source of income for you. A skydiving instructor makes about $40 per jump.

Soap Making

People just love to take a refreshing shower with scented, handmade soaps. For that same reason the price of these soaps are also high.

Social Media Manager

The task of handling different social media in the most efficient way is challenging. No wonder companies spend thousands of dollars in paying their social media managers.  

Start a Popup Shop

Popup shops are a brilliant way to generate income without having to commit permanently. It also takes barely any investment.

Stock Photographer

There are many websites today that buy stock photos. Shutterstock and iStock are two of them.

Tax Preparation

If you have the required qualifications, you can work with income tax returns and all other things related to tax preparation.

Teach DIYs online

You can provide remote assistance form your home. It turns out that not everyone is a Geek like you!

Tour Guide

To be in this profession you need have sound knowledge of the places and attractions that you want to guide through. Apart from being an exciting job, it also pays well.       


If you are specialized in a widely used language, you can work as a freelance translator of academic papers, documents, or books. Professional translators earn nearly $50,000 every year.  

Travel Consultant

Consult and plan tours to different places on others’ behalf and get paid. You can launch a website and get started right away.   

User Testing

You can make money testing websites and apps using User Test. It’s quite simple. You get $10 via PayPal for every 20-minute video you complete. UserTesting pays you to visit websites or apps, complete a set of tasks, and speak your thoughts aloud.

Vacation Rental Owner

Consider investing in a property that will pay you off during the vacation seasons. You can then use sites like AirBnb or VRBO.com to list your properties or rooms for rent.

Vintage Clothing Reseller

The fascination for vintage clothing is never dull. They also sell for more than regular clothing items. Join Esty, a creative marketplace where 24 million buyers around the world shop for unique items including Vintage clothing and much more. If you have an eye for vintage, buy from the local shops, mark them up and sell them online.

Virtual Assistant

Made popular by the 4 hour workweek, VA’s or virtual assistants are exploding. You can work for a busy persons located in a different city, or in a different country or right in your backyard.

A virtual assistant has to carry on with different tasks like appointment settling, online research, scheduling, or anything that can be done online. With more people starting online businesses, they are going to need help. If you have the skills, check out Upwork for freelancing VA gigs

Web developer

It’s never been a better time to be a web developer. If you have competency in any of the major programming languages, like PHP, you can secure a higher hourly pay. Either start a web development shop, freelance your skills or build an app that people love. If you have the skills, there is so much opportunity for web developers.

Wedding Planner or Bridal Consultant

The wedding industry is a $300 billion dollar industry. If you love weddings then this space is huge. All weddings involve a lot of tasks and over all management. There are many niches within the wedding industry. Explore your career as a wedding planner or bridal consultant and you will always have work. 

WordPress Website Consultant

WordPress is the first choice in the world of blogging when it comes to content management systems. 74,652,825 sites out there are depending on good ol’ WordPress for their personal and business websites. Business owners & bloggers hire professional consultants to take their blog to the next level, support it on an ongoing basis and even develop custom plugins and themes. If you are a wordpress pro or know enough about it to help others, this can be a lucrative area for you.

Yoga Instructor

Turn a room in your apartment to a mini yoga studio and start doing those stretching and flexing, that you were till now used to doing alone, with others. A yoga instructor’s minimum hourly rate starts at $14.          


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