These Successful Affiliate Marketers explain Why so many People fail at Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing can be a very attractive and lucrative online business but, it’s not as easy as most people think.

Yes, the failure rate for affiliate marketers is high.

I read recently that;

95% of Internet marketers and affiliate marketers fail to make any money online

That sucks but, don’t let it get you down.

Too many people try and take the easy way, fail and quit because affiliate marketing is not the get rich quick scheme they thought it was.

I guess the 95% failure rate makes sense if you think about the vast number of people who want to “ditch the 9to5 and make money from home“.

The truth is, affiliate marketing works but like Tomas Edison once said;

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

If you are willing to be constantly learning, do the work, and you think you can build an audience around a niche subject or topic then affiliate marketing is probably for you.

A note on Income Expectations

There are many people making millions of dollars both as product creators and affiliate marketers.

However, this is not typical.

Most people that try to do affiliate marketing fail.

This is not because it doesn’t work, it’s usually because people don’t know how to do it and their expectations of the time it takes to become successful at it is just too short.

Too many shortcuts and too little FOCUS.

It is entirely possible to make a 5 figure income and even 6 figure income if you get the right knowledge and skills, focus your time and energy and accept that building an income online with affiliate marketing takes time and perseverance through many challenges and difficulties.

Knowing what not to do can help you stop doing the wrong things and start doing the right things.

So…. “Why do so many people fail at Affiliate Marketing?”

I asked this in the ClickFunnels Facebook Group and the responses were not only great but some were funny and to the point.

There is some great advice in here and worth a quick read through.

Anuroop Gambhir

It’s mostly about mindset, people think affiliate marketing is some sort of money generation machine, which will make them money without any work (I was, unfortunately, one of those people once), scammy “gurus” are partly responsible too who teach “make 10k a month in 30 days without any skills from your bed” I know that’s possible but it’s extremely rare and skill is required in any case.

Affiliate marketing is providing someone with value, build trust and then refer them to a legitimate person/course/software/business.

This is why I love ClickFunnels so much as it is not scammy but people promote it the wrong way too many times..
Then the people don’t understand the value of traffic, they think they’ll create a website and people will come running to them and obviously that’s not the case.

I help multiple entrepreneurs grow their Instagram which helped them add six figures to their income, but what I learned providing my services is, business is basically:

Have a solution to a problem (course/software etc) and have a way to make people aware of that solution (traffic like IG/FB/Youtube etc)

Mark Archer

Because of improper expectations.

Affiliate marketing is sold as easy.

It is sold as get rich quick. And right now I feel it is one of the most popular make money online opps out there.

But there is still soo much to learn and basic business principles that need to be followed in order to succeed.

So it naturally attracts the people that are unwilling to go through the learning curve and hardships that it comes with like any other opportunity.

David Giovacchini

They try to market to only one thing instead of finding offers that work right now…. you have to surf offers always testing testing… most people work mentality is that of a cubicle sitter..

Do 1,2,3 and then money pops out. You have to want to try to create you own chemistry kit.

Nils Nilsson

I do believe that the biggest reason is that they don’t use the products they are promoting.

The effect of that being that they can’t genuinely say it’s a good product.

Same people probably suffer from the “shiny object syndrome”, so they will jump to next “great product to sell” if the last one failed from the start.

Generally, people aren’t thinking about marketing or business as a long term project. This is why most people fail at running a business as well.

Dan Nguyen

A growth mind, instead of a set mind.

Perfecting the basic. Discipline. Measuring progress. Sticking to it and not quit.

1% make it because they make it a habit of learning and doing. Many absorb knowledge instead of practicing it.

“Knowledge is power, practice knowledge is powerful.” -Dan Nguyen

Nicholas Dodge

Bonuses. Bonuses, and more Bonuses!

I’ve seen so many people linking directly to their affiliate links without incentivizing people to sign up through them.

OFA challenge for example. That’s one of the big promotion right now. Instead of just sending someone your affiliate link, throw in some things that are going to help them with the challenge.

Funnel Templates. Email Sequences. Traffic Sources… just add additional value.

If you give up front, it will come back to you 500X over.

Craig Thomas Ernstzen

They think running an online business is like a video game of reality. The Simms, Affiliate Marketing Edition.

Just come on here, join an affiliate program, get a link to share, drive people to the link via spamming, solo ads and Facebook ads and think, hey that’s it, it’s easy and then when they fail everything is a scam and everyone else is at fault but them.

Heck, it doesn’t even matter who they’re driving to the link or what they’re saying to these people but hey they call themselves affiliate ‘marketers’.

Raymond VY Tan

They fail due to get-rich-quick mindset, poor in marketing knowledge, never treated business a true business venture, impatience, simply taker instead problem solver, their ego bigger than their wallet and lastly lazy man spammer syndrome.

John Getson

Because they fail to understand that no one EVER makes even a single dime in any real legitimate business UNLESS, or until, someone somewhere sells something to somebody…

Jamie Green

Because of other people spamming make 4k in 48 hours crap.

When they don’t make that money they quit not realizing it takes a long time to get a business going to make that sort of money

Andrew Vieira

Lead generation is everything with it. Lack of sales experience is what I find most common!

Troy Dean

Because success takes time and most people are impatient.

Azmy Nawushad

Because they think they can get rich while barely working.

Pravin Koravi

Because they focus on only money not learning.

In Closing

I hope you found some insights from these affiliate marketers on why so many people fail at affiliate marketing.

If you want to learn the right way to affiliate marketing, I recommend the affiliate Bootcamp from ClickFunnels. It is, in my opinion, the best training for people starting out in affiliate marketing.

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