The Dogwood Trek. A hike from Squamish to the Sunshine Coast

Sept 2016 Update: A new Facebook group has been started called Squamish to Sunshine Coast Trail that’s working to build a trail from Squamish to the sunshine coast. There have been several successful attempts including one person that ran it in 13 hours.  Efforts to clear and develop the trail have begun and the group is looking for volunteers.

New articles in the Chief have also been published on this trail and GPS coordinates are available to those that may want to give it a go.

Recently I read an article in the Squamish Reporter about a proposed road from Squamish, BC to Powell River, BC on the Sunshine Coast. This recent proposal is coming from the Third Crossing Group from Powell River and their vision is to connect the Sunshine Coast to the lower mainland. It’s not a new proposal but it is an interesting one that many people have been talking about for decades.

Proposed route of road

The proposed route would connect Highway 10 of the Upper Sunshine Coast to Highway 99 through the Upper Squamish Valley Road. It’s an ambitious proposal that could have very interesting outcomes for all areas along the route. A great idea that will take a long time to materialize but the discussion will be interesting. Here are two videos produced by the Third Crossing Group that do a flyover of the proposed route.



A commenter on the article mentioned that 42 years ago in August of 1970, a group of teenage boys from Powell River and Squamish hiked the proposed route. An article about the adventure was written by John A. Way and I though I would re post it here as the story is exciting and quite telling of the challenges this route has.

Additional Articles and News on this subject

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