[$8,499 VALUE ] Best One Funnel Away Challenge (OFA) Bonuses

Last June, I gave Russel Brunson and his OFA team $100 bucks so I could see what all the hype was about and so I could get my hands on the 30 Day Challenge hardcover book.

I already have the PDFs but having this book on my shelf was a must. This book is pure gold.

I heard so many good things, I wanted to get my own access to the One Funnel Away Challenge, so I could see what this 5 week training by Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian and Steve Larsen was really all about.

I built my first website writing actual HTML code in notepad in the early 90s and I’ve been playing this game ever since…

I’ve seen it all.

Over the years, I’ve learned a lot on my own and also taken a ton of courses on digital marketing and technology. 

I can tell what’s good and what’s crap when it comes to online education.

Trust me… there is a lot more crap out there than there is good quality instruction.

What is the One Funnel Away Challenge?

The OFA is a hands on training, with daily tasks that build on each other.

Watch this video below. I’ll let Russell explain it for you…

There is about 2 hours of coaching videos Monday to Friday and then you need to spend at least an hour or day or 5-10 hours per week on executing on the training steps given that day.

All this time is required if you plan on meeting the goal to get your first successful funnel up and running in 30 days.

How did it go?

I managed to keep up with the training and followed along ever day.

This was one of my favorite courses that I’ve taken in a while and I would recommend anyone using ClickFunnels (or wants to use ClickFunnels) to jump in on this challenge.

It will change your business and your mindset. I think that was one of the big changes I didn’t expect. My confidence in my ability to launch sucessful funnels went up 100%.

I’ve read Russel’s two main books, Dot Com Secrets and Expert Secrets and I’ve been learning a lot about his approach to building sales funnels.

My big question was…

“Where do I start and what are all the steps in the process?”

There are so many things you need to know and do to building a profitable sales funnel that it’s hard to focus on the right thing at the right time.

I was starting to go in circles and felt I needed some kind of framework to follow.

When I saw the process diagram with the 30 days outlined in a step by step jouney, I knew I needed to learn more.

It wasn’t long into the challenge that I had a major aha moment and it totally changed how I approach building funnels. 

Start With Your Offer!

In addition to learning the step by step framework to building a funnel, the one thing that blew my mind was about creating an offer before you create the product

This concept initially felt so backwards and counterintuitive but once the process was explained in detail, it really blew my mind.

It removed a whole bunch of anxiety I had about deciding how to create a product and made me focus first on creating an awesome offer.

This challenge really helped in how I approach building out sales funnels. 

It completely changed my perspective.

The challenge also helped me with focus.

For 30 days, I watched 2 hours of coaching Monday to Friday and executed on the missions every day. 

The amount of work required to complete the challenge is enormous but completely possible. 

“This challenge that it’s like taking an accelerated MBA in direct response marketing.” 

This course is packed with 45+ hours of coaching from Russell Brunson, Steven Larsen, Julie Stoian kand Jim Edwards. This kind of training is unhead of for less than $1000, let alone $100.

I love the OFA so much, I recommend it as the 1st training most people should take if they want to earn an income online.

It works for any industry, product, service or market and this training will show you how.

If you are convinced that this might be for you…

I have an offer for you…

Here’s What You’re Gonna Get From Russell Brunson and the One Funnel Away Challenge…

Here’s All the Bonuses You’re Gonna Get From Me…

OFA Promo Funnel Template ($497 Value)

• Learn & Earn At The Same Time. Use a clone of this my OFA “Bridge Page” funnel and It forwards You To My Affiliate Link For The One Funnel Away Challenge Once You Optin. You get a copy of this OFA funnel you can customize to your own.

• This Share Funnel Is One of the Easy Ways To Compete With Top Affiliates And Present Your Own Offer. It’s How Steve Larsen Took First Place In The Last Affiliate Contest…

• When You Sign Up For The One Funnel Away Challenge Below, I’ll Send You This Bridge Page So You Can Earn huge Commissions The Next Time We Do This One Funnel Away Challenge…

Offer Creation Worksheet ($97 Value)

• Your OFFER is the most important step in succeeding online. If your offer is irresistible, the sales will flow.
• Use this worksheet to help you design the right offer for your product so your prospect can’t deny the massive value you are providing.

“Stories That Sell” Worksheet ($97 Value)

• The epiphany bridge script helps you tell stories that take your prospect on a journey that builds belief, emotion & trust and then sells an offer they can’t refuse.

Resources Page Funnel Template ($497 Value)

• One Of The Most Simple Strategies I’ve Used To Never Spend Any Of My Own Money On My Business, Borrow Any Money, Or Give Any Of My Business Away Is A Simple ‘Resources’ Page Of Affiliate Links
(Like At https://www.entrepreneuraccelerator.org/resources)…

• When You Sign Up For The One Funnel Away Challenge Below, I’ll Send You The Resources Page Template I Use…

Home Page Funnel Template ($497 Value)

• Use this Home Page Funnel Template to create your main website. Customize it and Personalize it to your Brand In Minutes… You can also use this for client home page funnels.

My Massive CF Share Funnel Library! ($2197 Value)

• 30+ Additional Premium “Share Funnel” Templates (Incl. Several “Million Dollar” Funnels From 2 Comma Club Winners: Dan Henry, Sam Ovens, Russell Brunson, Peng Joon, & More), Plus Lead Magnet Funnels For Realtors, Fitness Trainers, Restaurants, Contractors, Digital Marketing Agencies And More!))

• Use These Templates As Lead Magnets For Every Industry Imaginable!

“What’s Your Dream Car” Bridge Funnel($497 Value)

• Become a Super Affiliate and build a team of Affiliates that earn commissions for you with this Dream Car contest funnel. Earn 5% commission on everything they sell!

Course & Membership Area Template Funnel ($697 Value)

• Build your online course using this white-label custom course and membership area template. Add your sections and lesson content and start teaching.

BIZ Opportunity Quiz Funnel + Bonus Rights  ($197 Value)

• Use this lead generation funnel to learn about your prospects. It asks 6 qualifying questions that give you deeper insights into your prospects goals and dreams.

• You can also send them into different funnels based on their responses for extra targeting…

Online Business Foundation Setup Guide ($47 Value)

• Use this simple guide to setup the most important systems for your online business. These are the tools that online marketers use every day to automate their online business.

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