Samcart Basic Review: Easier, More Powerful & Cheaper than Shopify

A little over a month ago, the folks over at SamCart did something kinda crazy.

They reached out to a select group of their loyal customers, trusted advisors and some of the online industry’s most successful marketers to ask a very simple question which I’ll tell you about in a minute.

They did it because although they offer an e-commerce solution with amazing features that help online entrepreneurs make a ton of extra money that they wouldn’t make on other platforms (2X more money than Shopify users), they felt they had a huge problem.

The Problem: Beginners can’t afford to use SamCart.

Over the past two years, SamCart discovered that too many people just starting out couldn’t afford the $99 a month Pro Plan (let alone the $199 Premium plan) because their business isn’t ready for that type of monthly expense…

They literally watched hundreds of people sign up, and then cancel their account a few weeks later because it was just too much money.

And they wanted to change that.

The Shopping Cart Solution for beginners

They wanted to create a brand new SamCart plan that’s perfect for beginners…one that is incredibly affordable but still has all the power & simplicity that SamCart is known for.

They started mapping out what this plan would be called, what would be included, how they could market it, and most importantly…how much it would cost users to buy.

When SamCart finally decided what it would be, they shared the details with select customers, trusted advisors, and fellow online entrepreneurs and asked them whether or not they should offer this plan to the public?

The answer was a resounding “YES!!”

Brian Moran (SamCart’s founder) got almost 1,000 emails from all over the world saying what an amazing idea this plan would be for them and their businesses. They decided to do some sample testing and they made it available during the pre-launch testing, and over 500 people signed up.

So they decided to roll out the new plan called “SamCart Basic”.

SamCart is calling new plan “Basic” because it simply has everything you need to launch a new business online.

The plan includes the essential features that have earned SamCart the reputation of being the absolute easiest way on the planet to sell tons of stuff online.

What does SamCart Basic Plan it do?

SamCart Features included


You’ll have the ability to create and sell as many products as you want so that you never have to worry about paying us more just because you come up with more great product ideas…


You’ll get the ‘Profit Center’ Dashboard that lets you see all your sales happening in real time…


You’ll get their library of Checkout Page Templates and the ability to customize them so you know your products will always sell like crazy…


That will let you make special offers to your customers…


All your pages will be 100% mobile ready so you don’t have to worry about losing sales when people are trying to buy from their cell phones and tablets…


So you don’t have to worry about spending $30 to $400 a year for one and installing it on your own…


So you can use any email marketing tool (like ConvertKit, Drip, Aweber, MailChimp, ConstantContact,GetRepsonse, iContact, Maropost, etc.)



Easily synch with InfusionSoft, Ontraport, HubSpot, and ActiveCampaign) so you can follow-up with your customers via email…


Quickly sync to any membership tool (like WishList Member, OptimizePress Member, MemberMouse, Kajabi, and Teachable) so you can automatically create membership accounts for each customer the second they buy…


You’ll get a built-in processing account through Stripe and PayPal so you don’t have to worry about hassling with banks and merchant accounts…


You’ll get to join their top-secret, customer-only Facebook Mastermind, where we all hang out and swap million dollar ideas…


You’ll get to tap into this SamCart Customer-Only resource that ‘s jam-packed full of valuable video tutorials and walkthroughs so you’re never left without an answer…



Got a problem or a question?

Reach out to SamCart’s personal support team whenever you need help. They’re currently scoring a 93% customer satisfaction rate and an average response time of less than 54 minutes. (Brian told me recently that they’re investing a TON of new resources in order to give the best support experience you’ve ever had)

So what is the verdict on SamCart Basic Plan?

Other than not having access to a handful of advanced features, the only things that make Basic different from the Pro and Premium plans is that they’ll add a nominal 1% processing fee to each sale you make and add a small “Powered by SamCart” tag to the bottom of your checkout page.

Not a big deal for this proven shopping cart.

So how much does it cost to get all these great Basic Plan features?

This is the REALLY crazy part.

If you have seen SamCart before, you know that it’s not cheap. Their current plans start at $99 / month. It’s not a bad price and it’s competitive with other shopping carts systems like Shopify.

SamCart decided to undercut every single shopping cart, eCommerce platform, or sales software on the market…so that every single person wanting to start a business online would be able to afford the best software for the job.

So they decided to price it at just $19 per month.

That’s a full $180 less a month than SamCart’s Premium Plan — and probably even WAY less than your monthly Mocha Frappuccino tab at Starbucks.

Great news, right?

Well here’s even better news.

Right now, it’s even cheaper, because you can…

Sign up for a FREE TRIAL of SamCart Basic today, set up and sell as many products as you like, offer special coupon deals and try and make this software pay for itself quickly.

And since SamCart makes it so easy to set up products and start selling (you can do it in under 3 minutes), you’ll have more than enough time to make a ton of money and see whether SamCart Basic is right for you.

Call them crazy, but SamCart’s doing everything they can to help new online entrepreneurs succeed.

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