Clickfunnels Review: Sales funnel software for Online Businesses

Been playing around with Click Funnels for a couple of months, learning how it works and testing out it’s capabilities.

Clickfunnels is web based software for building sales funnels.

What is a Sales Funnel?

A “Sales Funnel“, is where your website visitors can come in the top and sales comes out the bottom.

It can look something like this.

In simple terms, you get your online visitors to go through a “capture page” where you can gather their contact information, usually a name & email and then follow up with them using email with additional Call To Actions to eventually lead to a sale and convert them into a paying customer.

A Sales Funnel process could look something like this.

What is Click Funnels?

ClickFunnels is sales funnel software.

It simplifies the design process for creating sales funnels that include sales pages, landing pages, and integrations for things like email sequence campaigns and process automation.

Basically, it helps you manage your entire sales funnel.

There are seven types of sales funnels you can create Clickfunnels:

  1. The Optin Lead Capture Funnel
  2. The Sales Funnel
  3. The Webinar Funnel
  4. The AutoWebinar Funnel
  5. The Membership Funnel
  6. The Launch Funnel
  7. The Custom Funnel

You can create all kinds of custom funnels too, but these 7 are the most appropriate for online marketers.

Clickfunnels comes loaded with lots of templates for sales pages, landing pages, member pages, squeeze pages and more.

All the templates are editable which means you have full control on everything ranging from background, to font size, to containers, data fields and more.

Clickfunnels UI

The Clickfunels user interface is pretty easy to understand and to navigate. You don’t have to hire a professional designer to build out pages as there is no need to code anything.

After a while I started to get pretty quick not using the application.

Everything is configurable and you can do this right in the UI. Even if you have zero designing or programming skills, you can still create professionally looking sales pages with ClickFunnels in no time.

Clickfunnels Features

Almost too many to name, Clickfunnels has all of the features you need to build and manage 100’s of sales funnels.

Clickfunnels Templates

There are different types of funnel templates available to choose from that are all editable.

For instance, you can have free e-book offer on the landing page which can lead visitors to a sales page where they subscribe to your webinar and then they move to a thank you page.

Now, this is just one example. You can create these types of sales funnels with all the pages connected and linked to your email marketing service and billing system.

The process is simple, you choose a funnel template, add your logo, your text content and you’ re all set to publish your funnel and start driving traffic to it.

ClickFunnels Membership Website

If you want to create a membership site, you don’t have to buy another WordPress plugin or other application.

ClickFunnels provides membership opt-in and membership page templates.

Here are some of the Membership Templates

Being an internet marketer, you can imagine how hard it is to create such types of membership funnels from scratch. ClickFunnels makes it easy to create a membership site where you can create and provide your course content behind a user account.

Adding lessons is as easy as clicking a button.

Webinars Funnels

Marketers love webinars, and for good reason. They convert really well.

Internet marketers use webinars to deliver free value to their target audience and then eventually send them to their sales page. You easily can create webinar funnels using ClickFunnels, keeping it easy for you and seamless for your customers.

Clickfunnels Webinar Integration – Clickfunnels lets you create complete webinar-type funnels with auto-replays for the users, their email collection and much more. Currently, ClickFunnels offers webinar integration with WebinarJam Studio, GotoWebinar, and EverWebinar.

Email Integration

There is support for a lot of email providers including; Aweber, GetResponse, Infusionsoft, MailChimp, Active Campaign, GVO Pure Leverage, Ontraport, Constant Contact, MadMimi, iContact, SendGrid, Mandrill and FitPro Newsletters.

Something to note with email, many web hosting companies severely limit SMTP access and may not allow ClickFunnels to connect to it. Because of this, it’s highly recommended you sign up for a dedicated SMTP service such as Send13, Mandrill, SendGrid, or Amazon SES.

Billing & Payment Integration

This is one of my favorite features of ClickFunnels. You can integrate payments processing right within your funnel sales pages. This allows you to start billing customer’s right from inside of your sales funnel on sales pages.

This feature will make your life much easy when it comes to converting visitors into customers as buyers don’t have to leave your website to buy. Instead, all the billing and transactions can take place on your sales page in your funnel.

Right now, the ClickFunnels offers support integration with various payment platform, which includes, Stripe, Ontraport, Clickbank, Paypal, JVzoo, via Infusionsoft, Deal Guardian, Taxamo, and Shopify.

Text Messaging/SMS Integration

Presently, Clickfunnels easily integrate with Twilio and TextOptin for SMS functionality. This allows you to have people subscribe via a phone number or you can send messages back to users based on conditions like “missed webinar”.

Shipping Integration for physical product delivery

If you sell or give away physical products in your sales funnel, Clickfunnels current offers support for Kunaki and Disc Delivered for Shipping Integration.

Up-sell & Down-sell Pages

There’s hardly any product these days that doesn’t come with down-sells and up-sells as part of a sales funnel.

Managing these down-sells and upsells with ClickFunnels is easy. The upsells and down-sells functionality are all part of the funnel so you don’t have to do much of the work. It’s already in there and all you have to do it added to your funnel with a click of a button.

Summary of ClickFunnels Software

As you can see, ClickFunnels is a very powerful piece of software. Again, the details I described below are included in the base level subscription of the software.

It’s everything you get for less than $100/month. If you want a 14-day trial, click here


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