My 10 Favourite Facebook groups for Affiliate Marketing

Groups are where it’s at on Facebook if you didn’t hear…

In a recent New York Times story, Mark Zuckerberg declared that he planned to shift Facebook away from being a public town square and to private communications.

They launched a new Facebook app that included a redesign of both the mobile app and the desktop site. The revisions added new features to promote group-based communications instead of News Feed, where people publicly post a cascade of messages and status updates.

This is huge for groups as they will only grow which means more useful features and great for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Groups for Affiliate Marketing

Networking is still one of the best and cheapest ways to get business today. Real connections can produce real results and making those connections online happens in Facebook groups. Especially for an affiliate marketer.
This is where you can build mutually beneficial relationships by providing value first and selling second.

These are some of the most active Facebook Groups for affiliate marketing I know of.

Some of the most successful affiliate marketers and online entrepreneurs out there are members and if you get accepted, the opportunity to learn from the pros is right there for the asking.

These groups are generally private and you need to apply to join.

They are very focused on quality and have strict guidelines to keep the value high and spam and over promotional out.

People get kicked out all the time so, be the best version of yourself if you participate.

Always be thinking about what value you can bring to the group and you will build a great reputation.

Here are my Favourite Facebook groups for Affiliate Marketing.

1) Entrepreneur Accelerator with Craig Cherlet

This is my group where entrepreneurs come together to ask a question, and share knowledge about online business, affiliate marketing, info products, and expert services.

A new but growing group of entrepreneurs supporting and helping other entrepreneurs.

2) Automation Nation with Spencer Mecham

Spencer is the first ClickFunnels affiliate to make over 1 million in affiliate commissions using a ClickFunnels sales funnel.

His group is full of entrepreneurs that understand that time is the most valuable asset we have in our life. He focuses on teaching entrepreneurs how to automate every part of their income.

3) Affiliate Marketing Hacks for Entrepreneurs with Catlin Bettridge

Catlin is one of my mentors and is a great member of the affiliate marketing community.

After doing affiliate marketing as a Side Hustle for 2 years, He left his executive level 9-5 corporate finance job to do affiliate marketing full time. He’s a ClickFunels Dream car winner and doing very well with his Solo Ads business.

His group is one of the hottest and fastest growing affiliate marketing group on Facebook (0-4,500 members in 90 days).

He reveals exactly how he did it, and gives away all his affiliate marketing strategies, tips and secrets for free.

4) Affiliate Profits Mastermind: SEO, Email Marketing, ClickFunnels with Chris Fong

Affiliate Profits Mastermind is a group for those interested in learning how to use affiliate marketing to build unlimited income streams online.

Inside the group, you’ll find training, a community of like-minded people, and resources that will allow you to create a self-sustaining, profitable online business.

5) Current & Future Dream Car Winners with James Hurst

James’s group is hyper-focused on winning the ClickFunnels Dream Car Contest.

He provides training, strategy, accountability. One of the things I love about this group is that to remain in the group, you must go live once a month to give an update on where you are at.

This is great because it forces people out of their comfort zone. It says…

If you want to be here, then be here and participate.

6) Digital Marketing Hacks for Online Entrepreneurs with Alex S Elliot

This group is run by Alex S Elliot, Ewing and Mario Pajaj and is focused on teaching about organic tribe-building, brand-building and outreach efforts for entrepreneurs.

7) Affiliate Marketing Madness with Jason Bleizeffer

Affiliate Marketing Madness is a group that provides as much value as possible to create a positive community for online marketers.

This group will help you navigate the Madness that sometimes comes with affiliate marketing, especially if you are just starting out. Hang in there though, as you learn the skills required you will build your side hustle into a full-time income!

8) The Affiliate Dojo ⚔️ (Affiliate Marketing Ninja Hacks for Entrepreneurs) with Zeky Ahmed 

Zeky’s Affiliate Dojo is the home for the worldwide family of Affiliate Ninjas!

Here you can network and access resources to help you speed up your affiliate marketing journey!

9) Sales Funnel Mastery: 5 Ways to Monetize ClickFunnels™ by  Doug Broughton

In this group Doug provides everything  you need when starting your online marketing journey.

He has complied a free course for you to have that will provide you with all of the resources you need to be successful online.

Doug teaches you in depth about each of his 5 ways ways you can make money using ClickFunnels starting today.

  1. Design – Create and sell professionally designed sales funnels.
  2. Agency – Create digital marketing campaigns for businesses.
  3. Info products – Launch a webinar or sell your online course.
  4. E commerce – Sell physical products.
  5. Affiliate – Make commission by promoting ClickFunnels.

Affiliate Marketing for Entrepreneurs with Kevin Steven

Kevin started his side hustle as an affiliate, by managing business development at JVZoo in October of 2018.

In January of 2019, he launched his first affiliate offer with a ClickFunnels affiliate offer and he made 15k in commissions in less than 45 days with NO LIST, NO GROUP and NO ADS. All by word of mouth.

This group is where he gives away all my best affiliate marketing strategies for free.

In Closing

Groups are where it’s at and these are some of the best ones for affiliate marketers.

Join my group and check out the others too.

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