In the media: Illegal dumping sites spark action

I was interviewed for this story last week about illegal dumping in the Sea to Sky Corridor.

I recently created the Sea to Sky Illegal Garbage Dumping Map using Google Maps to help identify places in where garbage has been dumped. It’s absolutly crazy how much is out there.

Here are some pictures of one of the places up above Quest University in Squamish.

These were taken in March of 2016.


Here’s my quote for the story:

“We used to go up into the Highlands just behind the university, and that was one of the first places we saw tons of dumping… from couches and bags of garbage to regular old building materials to yard waste,” Cherlet recalled. “I thought ‘I am going to throw a map together.’” 

I encourage people that know of places there is garbage to add a marker to the map with some description of what is there and any other relevant information.

You can find the map here: and details on how to add below as well as on the map itself.


1. Click edit to add locations
2. Find location on map where garbage is
3. Click on marker icon in toolbar and place marker on map
4. Enter a title of location and description and save.

District of Squamish operations staff will pick up items illegally dumped on its property, but not from private land, according to district staff.

To report illegal dumping, call 604-815-6868

Read the full story on the Chief website.

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