Increase traffic & grow your brand with social videos

Social video is huge

Facebook is generating 8 billion video views daily, and Snapchat with 15 times less users, generated almost as many video views at 7+ billion.

Huge is probably an understatement.

I recently had a chance to test out Sniply’s latest project for social video called Lumen5.

This super easy to use tool allows you to quickly turn any article into an engaging social video that you can share on Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat Instagram and Twitter.

You don’t need any mastery video skills either. Lumen5 takes any blog post you’ve written, creates story boards for you and then helps you add media to make your story engaging and entertaining all within an easy to use web app.

Video is the future of content marketing

Social video has many benefits.

Boost Social reach – Videos get up to 10x more reach on Facebook compared to links and images.

Increase content ROI – Use a single blog post to create multiple videos, or convert old posts into new videos.

Drive website traffic – More reach and shares on your content leads to more traffic for your business.

Sample Videos

How it works

The process involves 3 simple steps.

1) Choose and article or blog post that you want

Lumen 5 uses natural language processing to understand the content of your article.

2) Build the video narrative


Lumen5’s intelligent storyboarding tools make it easy to capture the essence of your story.

You can click on heading and text in your post on the left and add them as storyboards on the right.

3) Select audio, video and or image content

From right within the app, you can search and select from their media library with millions of copyright-free assets or you can upload your own stock video, images or audio.

Add the video or images that make sense for the scene by simply dragging and dropping them.

When you are done, click the publish button and your video is ready for download and sharing.

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