How to create 100s of social media accounts using just one email address

If you need to create many different social media accounts, you’ve probably run into the error below.

One way to deal with this is to create a new email address for each account but this takes time and login in and out of many email accounts is a pain.

Here’s a simple hack to get around this using just one Gmail account.

Unlike many other email service providers out there, Google decided to ignore periods in its users’ email addresses altogether.

So for example,

You could even email [email protected], and your message would still make its way to your inbox.

The hack here is that most social networks will do the opposite and treat each email as a unique one.

Here’s how to do it.

Create one Gmail address for setting up new accounts.  For example; [email protected]

Now go and sign up for the social network you want to create an account on and fill the necessary info.

In email field enter:

[email protected]

Complete the signup and you will then get a confirmation email in the inbox of [email protected]

When you add the dot (.) anywhere in your email, social networks see it as brand new email, but Gmail will forward this message to the inbox of your [email protected] account.

Now you can start again on the same social media network and use as many combinations as you want:

Using the + sign in email is another approach

Gmail also allows you to append your email address with a + (plus) sign as an alias so you can even do something like this:

All of these emails are unique from the perspective of the social network but all will show up in your Gmail inbox.

This approach allows you to filter out everything sent to this address to a Gmail label or folder which can be useful for finding related emails in your inbox.

Just to be safe and not tip off the social networks; when you get the confirmation email for each new account, don’t click on confirmation link/button. Right click on the confirmation URL and copy the link.  Then paste it in your browser to confirm your account.

Note of caution

Keep in mind, with every hack, there’s always a risk of getting caught by social networks.

If you don’t want to risk it then you will need to spend the time creating new email accounts for each social network account.

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