How to Build an Online Business in 30 days – Step by Step Process with Coaching

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Video Transcript

Hi guys it’s Craig here, I hope you’re doing well today.

I’m super excited to talk to you more about the one fell away challenge I did
this last June

It was one of the best trainings I’ve ever done and it taught me so much about online marketing.

It broke the whole process down intoyou know simple steps you could follow

I want to kind of go through this whole training a little bit with you guys just to kind of show you the steps of what you go through and why this is so different from everything
else out there.

It’s really a five-week program and you can see they give you this cool little map of the
whole process so you go through really it’s it’s more than four weeks but you
really go through pre-training you go through week one where you start to
learn about hook story and offer this for me was the biggest epiphany I had
about marketing when you really learn how to communicate with persuasive words
in a in the right way it’s amazing what people do for you and how much your
business can grow so you basically go through this whole you know week where
you’re talking about offers and and you know how to get people’s attention and
things like that this is all before you even start writing or looking at any
funnel software or anything like that week 2 you go into hooks and stories
this is where you really learn to communicate in a way that it’s
persuasive and gets people engaged in what you have to say it’s a noisy world
out there and how to break through it you know it’s not by spamming your link
all over the place like so many people think you know is a way to do online
marketing week 3 you get into the funnel so this is where we actually start to
take you know your ideas your offers or whatever you’re going to be selling and
and literally build out a funnel you know how to get that whole process done
from the start of your funnel with graphics you know the pages you know how
to capture emails all that stuff it is then done in that week and then week
four you get in to make it rain which is really cool this is where you get into
traffic where you can literally go and find unlimited free traffic you know
just by following these frameworks so after all that you know you’ve got a
funnel launch and you get into post training where you have 90 days of other
training and coaching you’re also in this Facebook group with
a whole bunch of other entrepreneurs like you you know trying to accomplish
the same goal so it’s just full of energy and it’s awesome so again you get
this workbook when you buy into the one funnel way challenge
it basically walks you through the whole process there’s work you actually have
to do and fill out you know all along the Fate the the whole process which is
really great you also get this cool mp3 player so it’s got you know it’s cool
branding and stuff but it has all the audio from the one following challenge
so I love this because you know if you’re commuting in a car or even going
for a run or or on the train or on the bus whatever it is you can literally
listen to you know the training I found that’s what I did because there’s so
much in here you know that the challenges is a challenge it’s hard to
complete so listening to the information over and over again really helps
solidify because again this is you know there’s amazing concepts in here that
you have to understand another big piece of this is they teach you frameworks and
so frameworks are you know proven ways of doing something and so in the one
funnel way challenge they teach you a whole bunch of frameworks that have you
know been proven to work by people who have built you know two comma Club
funnels you know funnels that have done over a million dollars in revenue so you
know awesome things to learn in here there’s nothing else out there like it
and then you know my ultimate favorite thing about this is the 30 days book now
this is something Russell did with a whole bunch of you know top online
internet entrepreneurs and basically he asked them you know if if you suddenly
lose everything you know everything your lists your facebook accounts you’re not
a you know everything money the works you lose it all what would you do in 30
days to get it back and so this is a thick book you know it’s not it’s not
thin basically what he’s done in here is there’s all kinds of like genius
internet entrepreneurs in here Trello ale and Liz Benny Garret white Alison
Prince Dana Derek’s Steven Larson and Julie stoyan at
born Rachele penderson, Pen Joon, Myron Holden,  Jamie Cross, Dan Henry, Spencer
Mechem,  John Lee Dumas and the list goes and on…

on there’s a ton of people and what
they’ve done is they basically done a
30-day blueprint of what they would do
you know crossing businesses from
e-commerce to affiliate marketing to
coaching you name it so it’s like
literally a to-do list all I got to do
is follow it this book alone is worth
the hundred dollars so you know I don’t
know what else I can tell you but this
is one of the best trainings out there I
you know I wouldn’t promote this as much
as I am but it is absolutely you know
life-changing it really will teach you
so much about marketing and what works
today not just fluff not just you know
spray-and-pray marketing it teaches you
exactly what to do step by step as an
added bonus I’ve got a couple of great
add-ons for you if you buy through my
link so I have one an offer creation
worksheet so this is the worksheet
you’re gonna use in the OFA to actually
build out an offer for your target dream
customer I have an epiphany bridge
script spreadsheet so again this helps
you to tell stories while this stuff
will make sense to you once you get into
it but again these are great tools when
you’re in the one funnel away challenge
to speed things up for you on top of
that I’ve got a whole bunch of funnels
that I can give you and so funnels are
can be copied and used for whatever you
want and so I’ve got a home page funnel
I’ve got a one funnel away funnel so you
can actually earn some money off of you
know telling your friends and family
about this same challenge so I got a
funnel for that there’s an online course
and membership funnel so if you want to
create an online course and have a
membership area where people log in I’m
gonna give you one of those for free you
can you know bring it into your click
files account and use it I have a
business opportunity funnel and that
whole huge funnel library that I’ve
collected from people you know in the
click funnels community everything from
to comma Club winners dan Henry Sam
ovens all these people got a whole bunch
of cool funnels that you can check out
there too
I’ll also give you my business
foundation guide these are like
tools that I use and a whole bunch of
other resources I’ve got a list of
Chrome extensions I’ve got you know all
kinds of really cool bonuses that will
help you with your one funnel away and
then also help you you know launch your
business and grow or grow your existing
one anyway I hope you check it out you
know sign up through me and you know I’m
here to help you and I just want to see
you succeed so let’s go on this journey
together sign up for the one funnel away
challenge and let’s do this


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