How I get free images for my blog, websites & projects

The truth is, you can’t just take any photo you find on the internet and use it for commercial purposes. If you get caught, you could face fines and nobody wants that.

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t free images out there that you can use to spice up your projects.

For starters, I love using Google’s Advanced search to find unique images. Google’s Advanced search settings allow you to separate the totally free images from those with copyrights.

To find this, click on the gear in the top right corner of your Google image search results and click on ‘Advanced Search‘. Once your on this page, scroll to the bottom and change the ‘usage rights‘ options. You can see the 4 options you have to choose from below.

So where else can you find free images for your blog?

I’ve pulled together a list of sites where you can find lots of wonderful free images that still have some originality and are visually appealing to your audience and that you can use for free.

Many of these sites have free images but also paid one’s so be sure to read the fine print.

Here’s the list of 42 free stock photo sites

1) Morguefile

2) Free Digital Photos

3) Epicva

4) Pixabay

5) Wylio

6) Flickr (License)

7) Unsplash

8) Albumarium

9) Picjumbo

10) Gratisography

11) Start-up Stock Photos

12) Little Visuals

13) Life of Pix

14) Death to the Stock Photo


16) Flaticon

17) Free Images

18) RGB Stock

19) Compfight

20) Startup Stock Photos

21) Pexels

22) Super Famous

23) Thepatternlibrary

24) Gratisography

25) Jaymantri

26) Publicdomainarchive

27) Magdeleine

28) Foodiesfeed

29) Picography

30) Raumrot

31) Dreamstime

32) Freerangestock

33) Freephotosbank

34) Imcreator

35) Freemediagoo

36) HubSpot 







Hope you find that awesome picture you’re looking for.

Before you go…

You may also want to consider supporting photographers and acctually paying for some of your images.

Sometimes the right image to use is one you have to pay for.

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