Clickup 2.0 Review – Project Management App for Marketers & Entrepreneurs

Clickup 2.0 Review – Project Management App for Marketers & Entrepreneurs

All your work in one place: Projects, Tasks, docs, chat, goals, & more.

All your work in one place:Projects, Tasks, docs, chat, goals, & more.

Key Concepts in ClickUp to understand

The ClickUp Hierarchy

    • SPACE
      • FOLDERS
        • LISTS
          • TASKS
            • SUBTASKS


Top Level in hierarchy
A Workspace is entirely separate, so it is not possible to view or transfer information between them.
Better to keep everything all in one Workspace!


2nd Level in hierarchy
The first organizational level that you encounter within a Workspace.


Next Levels in hierarchy
Folders group and organize your Lists of tasks.
Folders are groups of Lists, which contain tasks.


Last in the hierarchy
Tasks inherit traits from Spaces, and again, are located within a List.
Subtasks belong to a parent task and carry the same traits as the parent task and Space that it is in.


Last in the hierarchy
Checklists are essentially simple, nested subtasks


Can be enabled based on what you need in each Space.
Priorities – Classify tasks by importance.
Tags – Use to group, view, or manage related tasks.
Time Tracking – Native through our Chrome Extension, or available via integration with Harvest, Everhour, and Toggl.
Time Estimates – Provide better predictability for Lists and Folders.
Multiple Assignees – One or multiple? We decided to let you make the choice.


Integrate with all kinds of useful apps.

  • Google Drive
  • Google Calendar
  • Slack
  • Github
  • Zapier
  • Everhour
  • Toggl
  • Harvest

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