"Can I use sales funnels to grow my Network Marketing or MLM company?"

99% of ALL network marketing & MLM companies were built using the SAME 3 FUNNELS(offline sales funnels…)

Yet for some crazy reason, when people start doing business online, they completely forget how these three funnels have worked for them and all the leaders in their companies.

Instead, people jump online and try out whatever fad is new and exciting at the time, and completely forget the CORE STRATEGY, the core FUNNELS that have brought them success up to that point.

These 3 Offline funnels can be moved online using Sales Funnels that easily attract the DREAM CUSTOMERS to your product and opportunity.

There are 3 Funnels that work for Network Marketing and MLM businesses.

These 3 funnels duplicate online the same proven concepts that have worked in network marketing for decades.

Online funnels mimic the effectiveness of real-life selling and can automate it so it can scale.

Here are the 3 Online Funnels


This is a funnel similar to the 3-way-call that is so popular in network marketing.


This is a funnel similar to having a home party but you do it virtually online and can then even set it on auto pilot.


Like the real-life hotel meetings, this funnel is about showing the product and the opportunity and building your downline teams.

In each of these scenarios, you are talking to real people so you need to speak to them like you know them, their goals, dreams, opportunities and challenges.

You Have Two Dream Customers

In network marketing you have 2 DREAM CUSTOMERS you should be attracting.

1) The “I love this Product!” people

They are interested in buying and using your product.

2) The “I love this Opportunity!” people

They are interested in the business opportunity. They’re marketers and entrepreneur minded people looking to earn an income online.

These are two distinct groups of people with different goals and needs. They care about different things and have different problems they need to solve when it comes to your network marketing company.

If you are going to serve them and help them help you then, you need to treat them differently in how you talk to them and the problems you will help them solve.

You need to have different Hooks, Stories, and Offers for each of your 2 Dream Customer groups.

There is a game-changing book explains exactly how you can do this… (and since you can get it for FREE, why not…right?)

Russell Brunson recently launched his newest book called:

“Network Marketing Secrets”

…and, he’s actually PAYING for your copy of the book…for a very limited time, I’m sure.

This book is a super quick read but will give you the foundation you need and the language and concepts you need to understand to succeed in network marketing ad MLM today.

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