Ask Craig: If WordPress is free, why should I get HubSpot?

WordPress is free open source software but operating any website, regardless of the platform you build it on is not free.

With Hubspot, my experiences is that we don’t have to deal with hosting issues, server performance management, scalability issues, security, plugin updates, backups and malware attacks. They have a team on this 247 so we don’t have too deal with this.

For example, just a few months ago, we had a client using WordPress on Bluehost servers whose server got infected with malware and it cost over $600 to have someone fix it.

To me the security is worth the price alone.

See this for more: Common WordPress Malware Infections — Smashing WordPress

With Hubspot, you get 90% of the best tools you need execute inbound marketing properly without having to find plugins for every specific feature you need. It’s all there from building web pages and landing pages to email, CRM, social media, CTAs, list segmentation, reporting and more.

Out of the 10% of the things it can’t do, you can integrate easily with other marketing technology to fill out your marketing technology stack.

Support & Training – Hubspot has awesome support and training resources. With Hubspot, you’re not alone. You have support and someone to call if you are having issues and need someone to point you in the right direction.

If you are a marketing team, the training becomes so valuable as you can level set your entire team with the same understanding of how to deliver inbound marketing campaigns.

I would compare Hubspot more to the WordPress VIP services which are not free and start at $5000/month.

Learn more here: WordPress VIP  Services

WordPress is great but getting it setup, secured and configured to the same level as Hubspot, won’t be free.

Here is a great comparison to help as well.

HubSpot vs WordPress | Product Comparison

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