Ask Craig: What is the best way to market a site if you only have a launch page?

The simple answer is setup your social accounts and a blog and start creating content for your target audience/buyer. If you don’t know who your target audience is then you should develop buyer personas to better understand their wants and needs.

Start telling the story of your company’s  journey on the platform your target audience is predominantly using.

  1. Start networking and telling people what you are doing. Ask for feedback and work on building an audience in your niche.
  2. Use Launch Rock or set up a WordPress site with a Mailchimp or Aweber email form to start collecting emails.
  3. Start building a Facebook audience if that makes sense to your niche. Here’s a great article on 35 Simple Tips to Rock Your Facebook Business Page.
  4. Add a countdown to launch at the homepage while everything else is being set up
  5. Offer something– a freebie, a downloadable ebook, a coupon, or a discount– for every email sign up
  6. Create scarcity – Make membership an exclusive or limited proposition.  I.e. limited invites to your site which convey lasting value to your visitors.

The list of tactics is endless.

The point is, start something now.

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