6 EPIC Squamish Playground Proposals

I read an article in the Chief a few months ago about the skate park under the Quest university bridge where Stuntwood owner Mike Quesnel said this about Squamish.

“This is our playground. We really should be focusing on that playground mentality and doing everything we can to make this a better recreational area.”

I think this sums up perfectly the direction that Squamish should be going in.

I don’t need to reiterate how much Squamish is already an amazing playground for young and old but it’s this quote that should be helping guide our decisions on what industries we should be looking to nurture & grow.

For me, like Mr. Quesnel we need to focus on making our playground better by enhancing what already we have and finding ways to add to it to make it even better.

The challenge for me personally is that I have more ideas than money and If I had the capital, I’d be putting it into these projects. I’d love to hear what you think about these ideas and if you want to help bring any of them to life. You can each me by commenting at the end of this post or find me on Twitter @craigcherlet.

1) Squamish Cable Park

This is an idea my wife and I have been working on for a few years now. It’s an ambitious and capital intense project but one we both think would be an amazing addition to Squamish & the Sea to Sky Corridor.

Not sure what a cable park is? Check this video out.

The proposed Cable Park facility would be designed as a family sports complex for serious athletes and casual participants to enjoy. The facility would include 3 cable ways, a licensed restaurant, change room facilities, rentals and a retail pro shop.

The facility would provide educational and experiential learning benefits through lessons, coaching and camps for kids, teens and adults in addition to hosting world class competitions and events.

Here are a few renderings we had designed to give an idea of what this could look like.

2) Squamish Obstacle Course

I wrote about this last August and the Chief also covered it too. This is a smaller project and one that would need community contribution as it is not a “revenue” generator per-se.

It’s an amenity that can be used by not only the community but also for events similar in nature to Tough Mudder and the Spartan race.


3) Action Sports Camp & Training Center

This would fulfill one of my boyhood dreams but would also be an amazing asset for Squamish. If you have never heard of Woodward Camp, Check it out. It had humble beginnings but has become an amazing place for action sports. It’s a sleep away summer camp that has become world renowned for its action sports, gymnastics, and cheer programming.

4) Indoor Bike park

This is apparently in the works and an awesome idea.  With our rainy season, this would provide another option for keeping active.

5) Indoor Trampoline Park

Whistler has one and from what I hear, Squamish is getting one too. The Airhouse Warehouse, opening at the Solterra Business Park, will be a 6,000 square foot dryland training centre packed full of trampolines including a 20 foot by 10 foot super trampoline.


6) Alpine roller coaster

How cool would this be? It could start at the top of the Gondola and take people for the ride of their life back down to sea level.

What do you think of these proposals?

Do you have an idea for an Epic Squamish Playground?

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