4 training courses that create internet millionaires

If you want to fast-track your success at launching and growing an online business, it’s best you learn from the experts

Making money online is hard. You can hack and slash away and try to figure it out on your own or you can start making money sooner by learning the right way to make it happen.

I sure had my ups and downs when I first started trying to make money online. I’ve tried so many things in my ten years of online business that I know how overwhelming it can be.

I think the biggest challenge for most online entrepreneurs is focus. There are so many options when it comes to earning income online that it makes it hard to know what to do.

I think this is why 90% of people that try to make money online fail miserably.

Issac Newton understood the power of learning from those that have come before you.

His famous quote sums up my thoughts on learning from others.

That’s why if you want to fast track your success online, it makes sense to learn from the experts that have come before you.

The courses I’m highlighting below are proven training programs where hundreds if not thousands of people have taken the course and actually started earning a good and even great income online by putting what they learned into practice.

Let’s dive in!

1) JVZoo Academy – A complete guide to success with JVZoo

Jvzoo is one of the leading online affiliate marketing networks out there. Multi-millionaires like Tai Lopez, Amy Porterfield, and many others all use JVZoo.

Jvzoo recently launched the JVZoo Academy course lead by founder Sam Bakker.

This course offers both sides of the transaction. You can learn how to sell your products on JVZoo and get other Affiliates to sell for you.

You can also learn how to become an affiliate marketer and sell other people’s products for huge commissions.

This is the first ever JVZoo endorsed program and all the information you will be following and replicating is coming directly from Sam Bakker, one of the biggest sellers and affiliates on the platform for the last 2 years.

He knows his stuff and has the income to prove it. He’s been doing this since 1999 and has made millions of dollars since.

The training is broken down into 4 progressive steps that show you to succeed.

Here they are;

  1. Phase #1: The ‘Mastery’ System
  2. Phase #2: Building Your Growth Platform Mastery
  3. Phase #3:  Selling Formula Mastery
  4. Phase #4: Evergreen Commissions Mastery

What others are saying about the JVZoAcademymy

“I had NO idea about online business or marketing. I was working as a teaching assistant, when Sam started teaching me the ropes. Fast forward to today, I have numerous top selling products on JVzoo”- Josh Ratta, JVZoo Academy Member

“In 3 years I’ve generated over $5,000,000.00 launching my products on JVZoo.” – Luke Maguire, JVZoo Academy Member

“This information has made a huge difference and added long term value to my business on JVZoo. It increased my lead generation and sales to profits.”
– Julius Karan, JVZoo Academy Member

“I’ve built a $400,000 business on JVZoo working part time alongside my day job” – Lee Pennington, JVZoo Academy Member

Learn more about the JVZoo Academy.

2) Tai Lopez’s Social Media Marketing Agency + Bonuses

Update: Check out my full review of this program

If you haven’t heard of Tai Lopez check him out. He’s the real deal and has a massive social media following and is a very successful affiliate marketer and online business entrepreneur.

He went from broke & sleeping on his mom’s couch to becoming a social media mogul and influencer living in Beverly Hills. Tai has 635M minutes of his content watched on YouTube, $21.7M in social media marketing testing, and one of the top 15 TedX talks of all time.

Most of his success has come from affiliate marketing and from developing two amazing products. His first was called the 67 steps and now this course here is his most recent product that teaches how to start a social media marketing business in less than 8 weeks.

This 4-month online course teaches you the same strategies and tactics he used in an easy-to-follow system with practical, immediately-usable information.

Tai also uses JVZoo to manage his product launches and affiliate programs. Check him out on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat. He’s everywhere.

He makes a lot of money online because he creates great products that provide huge value.

This is definitely a fast-track program to making money online. It may cost you more than a lot of other programs out there but, it’s definitely worth it.

What others are saying about Tai Lopez social media marketing course

Within a month of starting Tai’s SMMA program, Jaiden closed his third client, who paid him $20k in a cashier’s check in person. –  Jaiden Gross

Closed two contracts at $1497/month each with a chance of upgrading. – Daniel Acosta

Getting paid $1000/month with her first client. This is her first income after graduating college, even though she has earned 2 degrees. – Bonnie Laska

67 Steps is a awesome program! It helped inspire me to start a business, quit my job and is helping me cure my mom’s cancer. Tai essentially re-wires your brain to go after the Good Life as he calls it. I’m not one to leave reviews but absolutely love his vision and feel the need to spread the good information. – Gifted

3) Michael Cheney’s The commission machine 2017

Michael has been making a full-time living online since the year 1999. He’s made over $7 million in this time and much of it in the form of affiliate commissions from just promoting other people’s stuff.

In the Commission Machine 2017, is a method for making money using JVZoo, It’s similar to the JVZoo Academy in that you are promoting the same products but the approach is different.

What others are saying about the commission machine 2017

“I went from struggling to $1500 to $2500 or more a daywithout spending any money on ads or having to build a huge list. You don’t have to spend money with this system – you just make a couple of easy tweaks.

Every single person that I’ve seen who uses this system has got results – even people with no list because there’s a ‘no list method’ in there which shows you how to do it. It’s not a one-off thing either – you can do this every single time and generate commissions for you like clockwork.” – Naidy Phoon, Malaysia

“I Made $431.58 in 1 Day Without Spending Anything on Ads. I killed my 10 sales goal by 4pm and I went on to make $431.58 – a good way to end the day. I did all this just by posting one time my Facebook timeline. I made one post – that was it.” – Michael Angel Martin

“I Just Made $180.68 in 9 Hours… I bought the course, it worked for me it will work for you very quickly. I’m not a rocket scientist, I’m just a normal cat. The tactics Cheney teaches inside the Commission Machine are really awesome. It works. It will get you quick results.” – Kam Jennings

4) Affiliate Boot camp

Russell Brunson has created one of the best sales funnel building applications on the market called Click Funnels.

They also have one of the best affiliate programs out there that pay 40% commissions on a whole bunch of recurring products from the software to books and courses.

The Affiliate Bootcamp is a comprehensive video training program that teaches you all about affiliate marketing.

ClickFunnels is offering this Affiliate Marketing boot camp for free.

This $997 training course will help train you on how to do affiliate marketing and actually make a living from it.

What others are saying about the affiliate boot camp

“Affiliate bootcamp is just crazy good training for affiliates, not just for ClickFunnels Affiliates – I’m getting so much out of the course and would highly recommend it to anyone struggling to wrap their head around affiliate marketing.” Stephen DJ

Check out these testimonials… Maybe you’ll be next.


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