3 Entrepreneur Success Stories: One making $10k/Month, one Doubled Sales & a huge $3.2 Million Product Launch

I find reading about how other people are succeeding online helps me learn so much about the journey entrepreneurs go on.

I have 3 great stories for you of people that are not only making a living online, they’re crushing it.

First there’s Stu Mclaren, a guy that kept his cool during a huge $3.2 million product launch.

Then Kim Jimenez, a consultant that created a $10,000/month coaching and training business online.

And then Will Hamilton, a tennis expert that doubled his online sales.

Let’s start with Stu.

1) Stu Mclaren’s massive $3.2 million launch.

With thousands and thousands of transactions. Hundreds of affiliates promoting his product.

There was more than enough opportunities for any number of things to go wrong.

Unexpected glitches? Near disasters? Surprise windfalls?

What happened? – Find out now in this revealing case study about Stu McLaren’s epic product launch.

In addition to getting the nitty gritty on the ups and downs of this huge promotion, you’ll also get inside the mind of one of today’s greatest marketing minds.

Plus you’ll also discover what REALLY motivates him to make millions helping top entrepreneurs build hugely successful businesses online.

Check out Stu’s story here.

2) Kim Jimenez went from 2K to 10k per month online

$10,000 a month is a HUGE amount of money, right?

You’re probably thinking it has to be an experienced marketing pro doing that…Somebody who’s been selling products online for ages right?.


It’s an enterprising 20-something who is making 6-figures-plus selling stuff online look easy — thanks to SamCart‘s totally intuitive, completely non-techie e-commerce platform — it IS.

Take a minute now to watch her case study and find out how she made her dream of running a successful business online come true.

Check out Kim’s story here.

3) How This Will Hamilton Doubled His Sales In A Single Afternoon

Will teaches people how to play tennis online.

His company fuzzyyellowballs.com has been around for a while selling 1000’s of lessons online.

A few years ago they were planning a big launch with Tennis Pro, Martina Navratilova, and decided to switch shopping cart software and they were glad they did.

In one short afternoon, Will doubled his sales and couldn’t believe what the next few days were about to bring…

Check out Will’s story here.

Want to learn more about SamCart, I did a review of SamCart Basic you might find useful.

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