25 reasons you will stay poor, unsuccessful and depressed.

There are a lot of people that need attitude and mindset shifts if they ever want to be a successful entrepreneur.

Here are the main reasons that will keep you poor, unsuccessful and depressed.

1) Keep complaining and blaming others for your life situation

2) Hate on the rich and successful

3) Never set SMART goals

4) Say YES to everybody and everything

5) You resent others

6) You think you know it all

7) You find fault in everything

8) You play the blame game.

9) You justify your situation to yourself and to those around you.

10) You are waiting to start.

11) You spend more than you make

12) You complain instead of committing

13) You live for today, hoping tomorrow will care about its worries.

14) You are always distracted

15) You are all talk and no action

16) You spend your time with losers

17) You procrastinate

18) You don’t listen to others

19) You are lazy

20) You are not a nice person

21) You are a pessimist

22) You fail to build strong relationships

23) You are not persistent enough

24) You lack humility

25) You are a quitter

Got any to add to the list?

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