12 easy ways to promote your blog and website

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What are the most effective ways to get more traffic to a blog? This is probably the most asked question I get. So in response, I put together this quick list of some the of the...

How I get free images for my blog, websites & projects

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The truth is, you can’t just take any photo you find on the internet and use it for commercial purposes. If you get caught, you could face fines and nobody wants that....

50 Blog Post Headline Ideas to Kick Start Your Blogging

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The purpose of your blog post title is to draw in potential readers to click through to your full post. If you’re still with me then I’m assuming this title must have...

How to use Google Docs and Google Voice to draft your content

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If you’re like me you probably don’t have tons of time to sit down write lots of content. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to get everything...

Suck at writing?
You might want to read this

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I failed high school because of English class. To be honest I sucked at high school in general. My head just wasn’t there. I wasn’t interested in what was being taught...

How to Audit & Optimize your Blog Content to Increase Organic Traffic

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Your readers & the search engines love fresh, relevant, quality content. Doing regular audits and optimization to your blog content is an important part of your overall...