40 Industries STILL Ready for Disruption

I wrote a post in 2014 called 33 markets ready for disruption and it took off. Today there are over 20,000 reads of the post and growing. I still receive emails from some of you asking to elaborate on some industries, so that’s what I’m doing with this post. I’ve done additional research on the original […]

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Getting started in Augmented Reality

It was this video that made me excited about Augmented Reality. Being a snowboarder I fell in love with this use case and can’t wait to try this out or even build something like this in the future. Day 1 – Who, What, Where, When & Why I am a complete newbie at this point […]

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How to set up an Amazon Associates eCommerce store

The Amazon Associates program pays you up to 10% referral fees for referring traffic to product pages. You can choose from over a million products to advertise to your customers using a large network, content site or blog. The program provides simple linking tools to help you monetize your website. It’s a great way to […]

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Climate change startup ideas: Problems that need solutions

Looking for a big problem to solve? Interested in discovering business ideas that can help fight climate change? Me too. Over the past few months, I’ve been reading about the Paris Climate Change Agreement and what it really means in terms of actual strategies that the participating governments are focusing on in the next 50 […]

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Where I get free images for my blog, websites & projects

The truth is, you can’t just take any photo you find on the internet and use it for commercial purposes. If you get caught, you could face fines and nobody wants that. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t free images out there that you can use to spice up your projects. For starters, I love using […]

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This account is closed and will not generate referrals. Access to this site is for historical purposes only.
How to reopen or reactivate your Amazon Associates account
"This account is closed and will not generate referrals. Access to this site is for historical purposes only." Shortly before I got this "Important Notice" when logging into the Amazon Associates website, I got this email. Hello, We are writing to notify you that your Associates Program application has been rejected and you will no [...] Read More →
In the media: Illegal dumping sites spark action

I was interviewed for this story last week about illegal dumping in the Sea to Sky Corridor. I recently created the Sea to Sky Illegal Garbage Dumping Map using Google Maps to help identify places in where garbage has been dumped. It’s absolutly crazy how much is out there. Here are some pictures of one of the […]

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8 ways to FAIL as a leader

Leadership is hard. You’re in charge of the vision, the execution and motivating your team, day in and day out. If you don’t have natural leadership qualities, you won’t succeed. Instead of telling you all the good qualities of a good leader, I’m going  to tell you all the things you should do if you […]

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What is Product Management?

A few years ago I took Pragmatic Marketing’s Product Management course. I took this while working on the Product Development team at Central1 building banking and other Fintech applications. It was a great course that taught the The Pragmatic Marketing Framework (see image below). It provided a standard language for the entire product team and a blueprint of […]

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My Ultimate List of 100+ Online Business Ideas

Are you looking for an online business you can start and run out of your home or from anywhere in the world? It’s not a surprise. In a recent Gallup research study, 90% of people feel disconnected from their jobs. It’s a sad statistic and if you count yourself as one of the 90% then […]

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