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2014-04-30 07.16.22 am

Floating Skate Ramp

Pro-skater Bob Burnquist has skated on almost every surface imaginable. Now he can add the crystal blue waters of Lake Tahoe to that list. I love projects like this. Unique, fun and forward thinking. Maybe we should build one of these in Squamish. It would

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The Entrepreneur VS. the Wannabe

This is a repost of a blog post my partner Ren did on our business blog. I though I would share it here as I think it’s a great post that many entrepreneurs or aspiring ones should read. You can read the original here. —————- The



Arc’teryx athlete, pro snowboarder and Squamish resident Justin Lamoureux is doing a very cool project about the mountains surrounding Squamish.   Our backyards are often overlooked for farther and more exotic adventures. Justin Lamoureux From his home, Justin can see 30 different mountains most of which

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7 Great Restaurants in Squamish

A colleague a few months ago told me they were coming up to Squamish to see a kids Opera at QuestU. I had no idea the Vancouver Opera was doing gigs up here. How cool hey? Anyway, she asked me about good places to eat


10 questions to ask yourself everyday

Saw a picture a few weeks back on Instagram that had these 10 questions. I thought it was a powerful yet simple daily task to do before ending the day. What did you learn today? What made you laugh today? What surprised you today? What


Drift Trikes, coming soon to hill near you

During the typical Monday morning chat with a colleague I asked;  “Hey bud, How was your weekend?”  He responded by telling me that him and his son made themselves a Drift Trike on the weekend. I was like… huh? “What’s a Drift Trike?” He grins


Local Twitter Statistics for Squamish, BC

I wanted to show a simple snapshot of what’s happening on Twitter as it relates to Squamish. I’ve been meaning to do this analysis for a while now just to satisfy my own curiosity and I’ve finally had a chance bring it all together. So

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Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise

This is so well done that I had to post it here. A hidden camera captures the reactions of customers at a New York City coffee shop as they witness a “telekinetic” event. A simple coffee shop, an innocent accident and a little movie magic sets


Understand and apply any consumer trend with the Consumer Trend Canvas

Inspired byAlex Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas, the Consumer Trend Canvas created by is an simple framework that can help you understand any consumer trend and help you apply it to launch successful consumer-facing innovations of your own. Here’s what it looks like. Check out this