In the media: Illegal dumping sites spark action

I was interviewed for this story last week about illegal dumping in the Sea to Sky Corridor. I recently created the Sea to Sky Illegal Garbage Dumping Map using Google Maps to help identify places in where garbage has been dumped. It’s absolutly crazy how much is out there. Here are some pictures of one of the […]

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8 ways to FAIL as a leader

Leadership is hard. You’re in charge of the vision, the execution and motivating your team, day in and day out. If you don’t have natural leadership qualities, you won’t succeed. Instead of telling you all the good qualities of a good leader, I’m going  to tell you all the things you should do if you […]

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What is Product Management?

A few years ago I took Pragmatic Marketing’s Product Management course. I took this while working on the Product Development team at Central1 building banking and other Fintech applications. It was a great course that taught the The Pragmatic Marketing Framework (see image below). It provided a standard language for the entire product team and a blueprint of […]

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Copy of Copy of Copy of The Ultimate list of SaaS Affiliate and Reseller Programs
My Top 32 Tips to Rock your Facebook Page

Facebook is huge! Just look at these stats. Worldwide, there are over 1.71 billion monthly active Facebook users (Facebook MAUs) which is a 15 percent increase year over year 4.5 billion likes generated daily as of May 2013 which is a 67 percent increase from August 2012 On average, the Like and Share Buttons are […]

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Why I switched To ConvertKit for my email marketing
Why I switched To Convert Kit for my email marketing

Why & How I use email marketing Email marketing isn’t dead. It still works and in fact, when done right, it can have some of the highest conversion rates out there. I use email in a whole lot of ways depending on the project I’m working on. As I built out my website and blog, I […]

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The Future of Learning

I’ve lost faith in the education system. So much so that we’re not enrolling our kids into public or private school and opting for a whole new model for educating our kids at home. Look at these crazy stats. In a 2012 analysis of student performance, the U.S. placed 27th out of 34 countries in […]

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instagram automation
Psst… Have you heard of Instagress Instagram automation?

Automation can sometimes get a bad rap and with good reason. People hate bots and spam. Too much of it can have the exact opposite effect you want and can even get your account shut down. Authenticity is super important online and automation can kill it very quickly. Don’t get me wrong, automation isn’t totally […]

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Do you know how your brain works?

The more you know how your brain works, the easier it is to mold it for success. Mental health plays such an important part in achieving goals and to me, there’s just not enough focus put on learning about the inner workings of our brains. Achievement & success is almost all about your mindset and the right […]

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