Now Accepting Donations for Ultimate Adventure Truck

I wrote about this truck sometime last year and I can’t seem to get it out of my head. We’ve owned a Ford Big Bronco for over a decade and I think it’s almost time to trade it in for this adventure machine.



All the gear you need including boards, sled and enough gas for a few days on the mountain.



Imagine the snow you could push outta the way as you climb those logging roads in search of that perfect back country line.

This thing is even prepared for night fall with this LED light bar.

DC Snowboarding pro, Iikka Backstrom and Justin Fronius along with Snowboardermag take this Dreambuild Tacoma for a spin from the annul SEMA auto show in Vegas to Mammoth for opening weekend. Check it out!

Donations to the Toyota Tacoma Dream machine fund can be made here.

Read more about the DC Toyota Tacoma

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Floating Skate Ramp

Pro-skater Bob Burnquist has skated on almost every surface imaginable. Now he can add the crystal blue waters of Lake Tahoe to that list.

I love projects like this. Unique, fun and forward thinking. Maybe we should build one of these in Squamish. It would compliment our soon to be new un-authorized skatepark under the Quest bridge.

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The Entrepreneur VS. the Wannabe

This is a repost of a blog post my partner Ren did on our business blog. I though I would share it here as I think it’s a great post that many entrepreneurs or aspiring ones should read. You can read the original here.


The Entrepreneur VS. the Wannabe

When we started Marketing Stream, we had already gone through at least a dozen of business ventures. Some successful, some not so successful, but each time learning from our failures and moving on.

When January 2014 hit, with the launch of our business, I kept finding more and more fellow business owners struggling with their identity in the entrepreneur world and it made me frustrated.

Here’s why; they wanted to be an entrepreneur and be their own boss, but didn’t want to do any work. The difference in comparison is huge.

What I’ve found with people who want to be their own boss, are one of two things; an entrepreneur, or a wannabe. If you’ve ever wanted to be your own boss, I’m sure that you can relate to either one.

The life of an entrepreneur doesn’t stop.

You don’t get to shut off your office lights at the end of the day, go home to your family and let the days work vanish while watching your favourite tv program. No, they keep going. Yes, they have a nice work/life balance, but the wheel never stops.

Entrepreneurs don’t have set hours to work. They are non-stop; no clocks. They embrace failures so they can learn from them and improve.

They look to make the right connections. If they don’t know where those connections are, they find them. If you find yourself complaining that business isn’t coming in, then you need to ask yourself, what are you doing to get it.

Complaining doesn’t make money.

Remember that. Keep in mind how your market works. Some people have a “3 strike rule” so don’t give them ammunition to use such rule. Especially if your business is in a small town.

News spreads fast, bad news spreads faster.

On that note, don’t be a flake. Don’t cancel a meeting an hour before. Unless it’s an emergency! In this day in age, if you cannot communicate the problem, your clients will remember that and that is not good for you. If your communication skills are lacking, then hire someone to communicate for you.

Be transparent. Be honest. Make sure to communicate.

If you’ve made a mistake, fix it. No one in business likes a bad taste in their mouth from an old mistake. You are as successful as you want to be. If you are the boss, you set your hours. If you are the boss, you have the ability to do great with your business, but only if you really want to.

Remember, you and I have the same 24 hours.


Arc’teryx athlete, pro snowboarder and Squamish resident Justin Lamoureux is doing a very cool project about the mountains surrounding Squamish.  

Our backyards are often overlooked for farther and more exotic adventures. Justin Lamoureux

From his home, Justin can see 30 different mountains most of which never get ridden let alone explored. His project is called The Backyard Project and it’s his quest to ride all 30 of the mountains in one season. It’s a big undertaking as you will see in the 1st episode as they spend 12+ hours on the mountain side to just get one run in. 

The project caught my eye right away as I too find myself staring out into the mountain ranges that surround Squamish, picking lines that look like they would be fun to snowboard. The snow always looks so pristine and inviting. Love the first episode and looking forward to the next ones.

10 questions to ask yourself everyday

Saw a picture a few weeks back on Instagram that had these 10 questions. I thought it was a powerful yet simple daily task to do before ending the day.

  1. What did you learn today?
  2. What made you laugh today?
  3. What surprised you today?
  4. What made you proud today?
  5. What loving action did you do for someone today?
  6. What loving action did someone do for you today?
  7. What do you feel especially grateful about today?
  8. What did you do today to move a little closer to a goal or dream?
  9. How did you stretch yourself further today?
  10. What made you feel excited or inspired today?

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Drift Trikes, coming soon to hill near you

During the typical Monday morning chat with a colleague I asked;  “Hey bud, How was your weekend?”  He responded by telling me that him and his son made themselves a Drift Trike on the weekend.

I was like… huh? “What’s a Drift Trike?”

He grins and then explains that they’re custom tricycles made out of old bikes that have slick rear wheels, normally made from a hard plastic, often PVC that are used to cruise down hills and drift… still grining…

I was like… huh?

Google it he says.

So I did and found this.

A video is of course is worth a million more words than I can describe so check out these cool videos below. This looks a little on the nuts side of things but part of me still wants to give it a go.

I expect we’ll start to see these drift trikes showing up on Vancouver streets as well as the many black-topped hills that line the Sea to Sky Corridor as people start to see this fun yet, extreme sport take root.

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Understand and apply any consumer trend with the Consumer Trend Canvas

Inspired byAlex Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas, the Consumer Trend Canvas created by is an simple framework that can help you understand any consumer trend and help you apply it to launch successful consumer-facing innovations of your own. Here’s what it looks like.

consumer trend Canvas

Check out this slideshare presentation to learn how to use it and then tryout the PDF canvas.

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What should a community do with its unused land?

Grow food of course…

Another great TEDtalk. This one about growing food on unused land by Pam Warhurst.

She co-founded Incredible Edible, an initiative in Todmorden, England dedicated to growing food locally by planting on unused land throughout the community. It’s a great talk and even greater initiative.

I love that the people of Squamish are doing a similar initiatives through the Squamish Climate Action Network. There are a few community gardens in and around Squamish and they are doing some interesting projects like the Fruit Tree Project. This volumteer run project offers home owners with fruit trees a service to harvest the fruit and donate it to the Helping Hands Society and Women Centre where those in need can get some fresh food to eat. Not just the typical non-perishable food items. It’s a great project and I hope more people participate.

Check out Pam’s talk here.

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The difference between Startups & Small business

Startups and Small businesses are not the same thing. They do share many similarities but there is a difference.  The biggest difference between these two company types is in their main objectives. Small businesses are driven by profitability and stable long-term value, while startups are focused on top end revenue and growth potential.

Steve Blank is a Silicon Valley serial-entrepreneur and academician who is recognized for developing the Customer Development methodology, which launched the Lean Startup movement. In this short video, he explains the difference and similarities between startups and small businesses.

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TEDx is coming to Squamish

tedxsquamish2On November 2nd, Squamish will host it’s first ever TEDxSquamish event at Quest University.

The official theme for this event is: Radical shift.

“Squamish is transforming. Transformation leads to new ideas, new ways of thinking, new technologies and new developments. Who are we? What inspires us? What roles do art, recreation and technology play? What creates shift? What does your Squamish look like? What happens next?”

I’m excited for this event and think it’s another great step forward for our community.

TEDx events are designed to give communities, organizations and individuals the opportunity to stimulate dialogue through TED-like experiences at the local level. With Squamish in the early stages of a great transformation, more and more dialog and engagement is needed to move this community forward in a positive and sustainable direction.

Kudos to Craig Davidiuk and the TEDxSquamish team. Looking forward to this event.

If you are new to TED events, here are 11 classic TED talks you should watch.

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